Kojima's Famitsu Interview Uncensored & Translated

This is a scan of the uncensored version of the Japanese Famitsu Magazine interview they did with Kojima. Letters in Yellow are the revealed words and they will be put into () in the translation, KJ = Kojima, HM = Hamamura the interveiwer:

KJ: Hamamura I thought I told you before that "I won't be doing it".
HM: Yes, you did say that. But at that time you told me, "I won't be doing (Solid)", right?
KJ: Yeah, when you asked me "Will you be making Metal Gear", I replied "I won't be making (Solid)". Because (Solid) has already turned into a (grandpa/old man).

KJ: So, what do you think I will announce at this E3?
HM: I think you will announce Metal Gear Solid 5.
KJ: That's not quite right.
HM: Oh?
KJ: That's what I want you to think.
HM: No way!? But when the lightning strikes it showed a "5".
KJ: This is an (S).
HM: (S)!? It's different than a 5?
KJ: Well, it is (also 5), Oh man, might as well tell you everything, there's going to be (two).
HM: I see!
KJ: There are going to be two in the spirit of (MGS5). Because of that this is a (5), but it's really (not 5 but an S).
HM: (S)!
KJ: (Snake)'s (S). This is (Tatsu (e)).
HM: Huh?
KJ: as in (Kanji), for (Snake).
HM: Ehh! Really!!
KJ: Also, (by reading it as the small letter "e"), it also refers to (E3).

KJ: This "R", (Stands for the Raiden at GDC(*1)).
HM: Ahh! He was (Holding a sword), you showed ("NEXT MG") also.
KJ: Yes. ...Speaking of which, I am telling you everything (laughs). I had a feeling it was gonna end up like this (laughs).
HM: Hahaha. "R" stands for (Raiden), (6)...this is a (6) right? (6)...?
KJ: (Day of 360)
HM: Ehhhhh!?
KJ: Just when you think that! (P) and (S), the first shown (PSP) and (3) adds up to (PS3). Then (360).
HM: (Multi)!
KJ: (It's a first in Kojima Productions).
HM: (The first Multi Plateform Title) I see.
KJ: On that day, I will announce most of it at (Microsoft's Conference).
HM: I see.
KJ: (The day of 360) is pointing to that date. Because (The sun is going to rise), we showed (the Sun glaring).
HM: I see. Nobody would see it coming! I've never even thought of it.
KJ: This is (Raiden) that will appear in the ("MGS5" of Next-Gen).
HM: Oh.
KJ: About this, (I am the producer, I am not the director. I am also not doing the game design. I am scolding the team though (laughs). But, I will not be butting my head in too much.

KJ: What do you think of "P"?
HM: The (Format) of (Playstation)?
KJ: (It stands for that P also, but it is actually Playstation Portable)
HM: Ah! I see!!
KJ: (Metal Gear Solid 5 PSP). Well, It's not really (5), but our thoughts behind making it is (5). And that, is this right here. I can not tell you the title yet, but this is the real deal. This is in the orthodox tradition of "Metal Gear Solid Saga" up until now.
HM: is this set in the (80's)?
KJ: No, it's the (70's). If I were to say it correctly it should be in the middle of 70's. I am doing everything from game design to directing the game.
HM: I see!
KJ: Even though this game is aiming towards the Japanese market, we will be releasing it worldwide. This is (MGS5) to me. Because even though I can not call this (5), I am making a full scaled story, also we have the staff of "MGS4" is working on the game.

KJ: The place is in (Costa Rica). Because of (the 12th Constitution of Costa Rica), it is a country that can not hold (it's own army).
In this country that can not (hold it's own army), a country of super power status is invading in. During this time, we go to this old guy to (seek help).
HM: I see.
KJ: Then, this old guy is making something like the base of (mercenary .... (unable to translate because of glare/not legible)). So we get to see what he is going to do.
HM: I see. I think that works.
KJ: The theme is (peace). (xxx unreadable because of glare), or should we say because (power of oppression) is becoming the theme, this brings up the question of (do we actually need military or not... (the rest is unreadable due to glare)), and why we need (xxx unreadable, might be neuclear) or not, the story will be focused on those parts. Everybody will probably think "Kojima is lecturing again!". Maybe the theme will be lecturing (laughs).
HM: hahaha!
KJ: So you are doing a really thorough interview.
HM: Yes I am!

End of Page.

Contributor's note:
Thanks to Boltar for sending me the scan.
The above is translated by me. Besides the very end where there are glare on the page, everything else should be correctly translated.

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gintoki7773582d ago

i do not know why but i feel like i was left empty handed probably because I was used to kojima mostly releasign mgs on playstation
so now that it is on 360 it does not feel like we have something they dont anymore
kojima is not working on it too much but whatever
It seems i was hoping for an announced ps3 exclusive from him

o well all in all not bad

Lilith_Belial3581d ago

he just said he will treat MGS: Peace Walker like if it was MGS 5, and it's exclusive to the PS family, hopefully they port it to PS2 or sell a PS3 compatible version on PSN