Joystiq: online and live with OnLive Impressions

Joystiq writes:

"Even though OnLive said it wouldn't be at E3, we still got to give the streaming game service a shot. It wasn't actually on the show floor, but inside an actual home ... as in luxury downtown condo that no one actually lives in. OnLive rented the place for the experience, and it claims the service was running over a normal at-home internet connection.

As proof, it showed off an actual Time Warner cable modem to prove that the experience was real, complete with blinking lights (pictured above) and bundles of cables. An OnLive executive told us that speeds through the modem were averaging four to five megabits per second, which is at the top end of a low end cable modem usage tier. We wanted to crack that sucker open to make sure it wasn't filled with pixies armed with LED lights, but time did just not allow. So how did everything work?"

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