The 10 most successful developers

The annual Develop 100 report has been released and US developers have come out on top in terms of which studios generate the most cash.

The 10 most successful developers are:

1.EA Canada (FIFA, NFS)

2.Pandemic Studios (Star Wars: Battlefront)

3.Konami Corporation (PES)

4.Maxis (The Sims)

5.Nintendo (that red plumber and co.)

6.Ubisoft Montreal (Splinter Cell, PoP)

7.Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo)

8.EA Redwood Shores (Godfather, LOTR)

9.Traveller's Tales (LEGO Star Wars)

10.Sony London Studios (SingStar)

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kmis874272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Umm, what about Blizzard.

I'm pretty sure they're the most profitable. However many million subscribers at $15 per month. They make almost a billion a year on those subscriptions I bet.

There's no way they're in 66th place with the cash cow they're sitting on.

Lucidmantra4272d ago

The problem is that they have to have servers up and running using electricity, bandwidth, people to monitor and run them constantly... That really really eats into the profits on those $15 per month especially. Blizzard is making tond of money on WOW but not necessarily off just the MMO (even though I am sure they don't have to worry about their next 3 games they develop too much) They make money off the other stuff like the shirts, card game, patches, glasses... etc. etc. WOW is far beyond the point of being a MMO and it is a ground breaking cultural phenomenon.

I do agree the list is probibly flawed though because they are awefully low to me to.

CAPS LOCK4272d ago

the only reason EA is number 1 is because they have their games on every console even moblie phones and N gages

blooodFrenzy924272d ago

Horrible list ubisoft and Maxis are true but some of the other ones like Travlers tales is just wrong. bad bad list