Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down: E3 This Far…

Koku Gamer writes: "E3 has been well kicked off thus far and new and exciting news is constantly being thrown at all of us. Here's just a few features Koku Gamer thought were worth mentioning.:

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ajcadoo3424d ago

What about Sony's motion controller? I liked it at least...

Ziriux3424d ago

That was great, but nothing that blow anyone away. The games were simply stellar.

Xeall3424d ago

tom and jerry MMO? lol

WengYong3424d ago

I was hoping for some gameplay footage, hopefully TGS will fulfill my needs..

Cinotix3424d ago

Sweet moments, at this years E3.

WengYong3424d ago

Agreed, it was great to see E3 with so many fantastic reveals. Much better, I hope they keep it up