New DMC4 Information from latest PSM

Here is some new information about DMC4 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 from PSM and other sources.
* Series staples remain intact - everything running at constant 60fps.
* New characters can be unlocked after clearing the game.
* Environmental destruction during battles such as the Variel boss battle are unparalleled with anything ever seen in the series.
* The game feels like a PS3 game more than anything else.
* The camera is much more cinematic now.
* Vehicles can be seen strewn across Fortuna. Cars and vans will be on the side of the roads etc.
* Same graphics engine as Dead Rising will be used to give the basic support to the graphics and appearance of everything.
* The snow level that was in the E3 2005 trailer is in the game
* Dante plays totally different to Nero. He also has the four basic styles from Devil May Cry 3 returning - Swordsmaster, Gunslinger, Royal Guard and Trickster.
* Some of Nero's moves list given in PSM:

Charge Shot - "As well as shooting bullets in rapid succession, you can charge up your gun for a slower, but more powerful shot."

Exceed - "Revving your EX-guage like a motorcycle handle, you can build up to three levels of extra power for your moves."

Streak - "Streak is a powerful forward strike"

High Roller - Air juggle

Hell Bound - "Think of this as a a grappling hook-like move that you can use to reach far away platforms - but only if there is a globe to catch.

Buster - "This attack can be performed after you catch an enemy. Best used at the end of a combo, since it doesn't work well with juggleing.

Snatch - Used to grab enemies in the air or on the ground

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techie4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I felt it was best to summariSe as best as it's hard to get all the information in the following page, because of the scans from Famitsu.

Neutral Gamer4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Yeah good call, there's a lot stuff in the underlying article and all that Japanese writing from the magazine doesn't look very inviting for those that don't understand it.

At first I thought you could understand Japanese and had dilligently translated for the rest of us deepbrown ... then I saw the English translation in the middle!

Ah, my impressions of your skills were raised high ... then they fell! Haha

P.S. "summarize" - That's totally rad dude! When did you become American?

techie4268d ago

Holy Sh*t! Edit quickly QUICKLY...I meant summarise. Holy Moly.

I can speak some Japanese. But not really...more Malaysian and Indonesian...slightly lol. My Step-mother is singaporean and so is my lil bro :)

DrWan4268d ago

Feels like a PS3 game? wtf does a pS3 game "feels" like when yah.. using a Dead Rising Engine? ...i need to read the full PSM article

techie4268d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

No rumble? lol'll get your rumble and motion sensing for the PS3 oh so soon.

And I believe it's quite clear. The type of games you got on the PS3 are percieved very differently to those on the 360.

TheXgamerLive4267d ago

It's PSM, there just ntrying to belittle the Xbox 360 in thos remarks (feels like a ps3 game).

we'll see the truth when the game comes out.

techie4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Ah ok. I guess. But still...the perceived games on the 360 are different from the percieved games on the PS3...surely that's very clear.

And DMC has grown up with the PS. Where as something like Lost Planet is def more aimed at the 360.

**edit** to below. XGamer...your attitude is remarkable...and I look forward for you eating your foot. Rumble...did I say it was a plus!? Did I? I was jabbing at the ps3's lack of this feature. Sh*t.

And TD - as I said "percieved" it my perception? No :)

TheXgamerLive4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Regardless, no rumble is also a hinderence, so it's not a positive. This ps3 difference.

They may find a way to work on an equal plane by say 2009, if rumble comes back and if the dev.s learn to make use of both 256 megs avail. on ps3. The ps3 differnce isn't a plus as we speak.

Still, the true test is when the game arrives, it's also had more, much more dev. time for the ps3, yet it will still suffer somewhat, IMO.

TylerDurden4267d ago

Well at least from the PS3 side(RFOM, Killzone 2). Xbox has had action games in the past but somehow got overlooked, I guess because everyone always percieved xbox as a shooters only console. Wait till you get a chance to play Ninja Gaiden and you will see what you have missed. IMHO better than GOW or DMC.

TheXgamerLive4267d ago

And your right, it is a fantastic game, but not better than GoW IMO but yes better then DMC series. DMC4 is still unreleased so that will have to wait though for that judgement.

Ninja Gaiden is great though. PS3 fans will love it.

TylerDurden4267d ago

My comment was directed towards DeepBrown because I assumed he hasn't yet played Ninja Gaiden. It was my way of saying Xbox also had action type games and not just shooters. I think that is where he was going with his "PS type game" statement.

It's funny the biggest seller right now for the PS3 is a shooter(RFOM) and one of the most hyped yet to be released games is a shooter(KZ II). It's a funny statement from DeepBrown being that some of the best of what the PS3 has to offer are shooters.

Story was better in GOW, but I liked the action system especially with the lunar in Black. NG was also a lot harder if I recall. Both great games I guess I just liked NG a little bit better. These two along with Halo were my favorite games from last gen.

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Gamer134267d ago

Anyway i might just get it for the 360.

IM OUT...///"""

Bigmac5734267d ago

It's like 20 pages of me something new already -_-'

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