Sony has published new trailer of EyePet

Sony has released a new video of EyePet, the new virtual pet game for the PlayStation 3.

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Raoh3423d ago

sony shuld have shown this at their conference.

The General3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Sony is definitely at the forefront of innovation in everything they do. I expect the Xbox Defense Force to come in here real soon and try to downplay this epic trailer but the truth of the matter is, this was awesome and the innovation is undeniable. I definitely believe that the PS3 Eye is the most accurate motion detecting camera I've ever seen on a console. And look, you can draw on a sheet of paper and the PS3 instantly recognizes it, think of the possibilities.

Just imagine if they showed this at E3? It serves as just another gauntlet Sony could have let loose to decimate the competition. But Sony loves to keep it's cards and play at the right moments. That's smart.

Oh, speak of the devil. Hey Jolly, how's it going? Troll much today?

JOLLY13423d ago

That little guy was super cute.

Godmars2903423d ago

Had too much on their plate this time around, and probably weren't expecting something like Milo from MS.

Pennywise3423d ago

Love it! Sure gift for all the kids of PS3 owners. Thx Sony! Getting me out of gift decisions easy.

JOLLY13423d ago

with all of the disagrees, I guess it wasn't cute. Naw man, I don't really troll. Thanks for asking though.

Godmars2903423d ago

You're probably a victim of rep.

Leio3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )


The "little guy" could also mean the kid.. bad choice of words i guess

JOLLY13423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

More like a victim of opinion.

*Edit* Good eye Leio, My bad! That furry creature was adorable.

WhittO3423d ago

Basically the PS Eye already does what the Natal can do..

40cal3423d ago

The trailer hit the PSN last night. I am looking forward to this, I was hoping they would show it a E3 but I will take a new trailer.

Yes this little guy is super cute, I just wonder when this is going to hit retail.

jcgamer3423d ago

@40cal...the trailer's on PSN? Nice

EyePet FTW!

GiantEnemyCrab3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"Basically the PS Eye already does what the Natal can do.. "

"Basically" being the key word.

With Natal that little monkey thing would be able to interact differently with every person within the camera shot and recognize that there are multiple people.

Still this is very cool tech and not a diss on it. The EyeToy has been good for its time. I just wish Sony would support it more.

ultimolu3423d ago

So cuuuuuuuuuuuute! *~*

They should have shown this! That would have really blown everyone away.

KKanjiAnkh3423d ago

OMG don't feed that M*****F***** after 12, I'm telling y'all now.

Narutone663423d ago

have the option to change the creature in Eye Pet to the creature in the Last Guardian. Instant buy for me on day 1.



I think Eye can do it already (recognize faces), actually this entire "control games with you body" thing was totally possible with EyeToy and the hardware of Eye (which I'll take as an example of what Natal will be more or less) isn't that differente from EyeToy.

Those motion controls will be much more based in new software than in new hardware.

Biphter3422d ago

And he kept asking me to play tis video again... and again... and again. He was mezmerised by it! Smiling broadly and really quiet whilst watching. That makes it a day 1 buy for me (my son).

This isn´t really as advanced as the body tracking in Natal is SUPPOSED to be. The PS eye (please don't call it eyetoy, its not an eyetoy, its much more than a bog standard webcam) can recognise objects and sound in 3D space, but its not full body motion like Natal.

And I agree with GE Crab..... where are all the PS Eye games? we got a handfull on PSN when PS eye was launched (Along with Eye of the Beholder) and we've had nothing since! We sould have had at LEAST a new Eye(Toy) Play game! Eye Play 4 with 3D space recognition and audio positioning features anyone? (PS eye can detect audio space as well with its multi mic array). Well, my imagination is running wild now! :)

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Athlon3423d ago

I don't think they had enough time. They even had to cut the GOW3 presentation short.

JOLLY13423d ago

They should have cut the #'s talking down. We don't need 30 minutes of talk about ps3 sales. Show fun stuff!

callahan093423d ago

I agree with Jolly here. I was thinking the same thing during the conference. I'm not impressed by sales. I just want to know what kind of fun I can expect to have. For me, the PS conference definitely delivered on that front with my highlights being Last Guardian, Uncharted 2, and ModNation Racers. But they could have shown EVEN MORE fun things and left out some of the sales talk.

MaximusPrime3423d ago

great fun for the family, young and old alike.