Halo: Reach is a FPS

Joystiq writes:

"It took a little doing on our part, but we've finally got a new detail for you about Halo: Reach. Are you ready for this? It's an FPS. Actually, Microsoft's John Schappert told us "Of course it's an FPS," which seemed a little cheeky from a company that recently released a Halo RTS. But who are we to judge?

So, there you go. FPS. And also ... no, that's it. But hey, it's something, right?"

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3425d ago

Man this game is gonna be Huge. I believe it'll sell more than Halo 3. Which is well over 9 million copies.

ElementX3425d ago

I'd have to agree with your statement

bullswar3425d ago

Bring it onnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

Tony P3425d ago

An FPS? The hell you say...

I thought Halo would finally enter the realm of the JRPG. :P

joydestroy3425d ago

i really would like to see a 3PS in the Halo franchise.

king dong33425d ago

what else are bungie going to make??

and i thought bungie hated microsoft and hated making halo games?? as usual, just stupid know nothing sony fanboys spouting rubbish.

bungie went indie because they wanted a bigger slice of the halo pie! they've gone from making a halo game once every 3 years, to releasing two games one year apart. why would they turn their back on guaranteed bumper paydays and make risky new lol

and i dont doubt that bungie are already crafting their next-gen engine especially for their halo games next-gen.

The Meerkat3425d ago

If it was a 3rd person your be in the perfect positon to give masterchief a 'Reach Around'.

Mikerra173425d ago

they are really milking the fans now

All Time Greatness3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Have you guys read what everyone is saying on in the forums?

Halo: Reach is gonna be running on a new game engine. I wouldn't doubt it for a second. This isn't fact yet....but their saying how in the game floor presentation of Halo ODST on a IGN can hear someone from Bungie say "Well this was made on the old engine". What's being made on the new Graphics Engine?

And if it is.... OMGWTFBBQROFLCOPTER x Forever!


SaberEdge3425d ago

No they're not. They're giving fans what they want. Big difference.

I can't wait for Halo ODST. For how good Halo is and how successful it is, we haven't really got that many Halo games. We have usually had to wait several years between entries. Since 2001 we have only had 3 full Halo releases. Halo Wars is a cool game that is set in the Halo universe, but it plays nothing like the other Halos. Halo ODST is going to be quite different as well. I can't wait.

Oh, and Halo Reach is going to be massive.

ChampIDC3425d ago

I just hope movement finally feels like it has some speed to it, and it adds the tactical aspect of when the Spartans were a squadron.

king dong33425d ago

going back in time finally enables bungie to include other spartans in the story.

the book was good, and i'm sure this will translate into another classic game.

all time greatness: good find, but i have a feeling that bungies next engines is still in development...and will e unveiled for the next xbox.

i could be wrong though. it's all good either way if you ask me.

edgeofblade3425d ago

Dude... I love my 360 and I love my Halo. But what could compel you to issue a prophesy like that? That's no better than the Sony fanboys who claim the Playstation is the crown prince of gaming and everyone else should just get out of the way.

Please, enough with the unfounded superlative. It could suck ass for all you know.

All-33425d ago

Hmmm... how many Final Fantasy games and spin-offs are there?

What about Mario or Zelda games?

And Killzone games? Isn't there a PSP game too? What about the Resistance franchise, there's a PSP game as well - yes?

Minute Man 7213425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Remember the Halo 3 launch trailer that Bungie said was in-game?

V ii T aL3425d ago

Halo is a sick game. Noone can argue about that. Just looks at its fanbase. But i really wish MS could get Bungie to make a new ip. Thats what they really need.

Sarcasm3425d ago

OMG, a HALO FPS? That's entirely new in the series!

oh wait...

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BigKev453425d ago

It will sell 10 million +

lociefer3425d ago

yep , itll sell 10+m and ull get ur cut from M$ , oh wait , oh and itll prob get a next-gen graphics , OH WAIT !

jcgamer3425d ago

I peeped you frontin'
I was in the Jeep
sunk in the seat
tinted with heat
beats bumpin'


xxBATTLECATxx3424d ago

its funny how many people are commenting about how much itll sell. cuz sales are the most important thing right? pathetic. is there such a drought for good games on the 360 that you blind sheep will gobble up anything halo.

Rockox3425d ago

Huh. I kinda thought they might change it up a bit, maybe make it an over-the-shoulder type deal.

Unicron3425d ago

I think it would be awesome to have established genres with new gameplay types.

Imagine a Zelda with Oblivion style gameplay.
A Halo third person shooter.
An MGS action game... oh wait, we might be getting that one.

It's cool to see our established franchises in a new light sometimes!

Still, I wish Bungie and Kojima were given a chance to branch out. I feel like more Halo and more MGS, while guaranteed sellers, are stifling their creativity and potential somewhat.

Rockox3425d ago

I think there's still room for creativity and innovation within existing IPs, but I would think it would make it tougher when you have to play by your own rules. On the other hand, already having a fully-realized universe would allow more room to play around.

interrergator3425d ago

good now i have to know im playin as a spartan or not

cmrbe3425d ago

The fall of Reach?. That was a good book. It explained how the Spartan Project Started as well as John (i believe that was his name) development to become MC.

Its no happy ending though.

Xi3425d ago

However I think it follows the ground team on reach, not MC.