Greenberg: Ask Square if "not exclusive" FF14 is coming to 360

Xbox product boss Aaron Greenberg has told VG247 that Final Fantasy is not an exclusive product to PlayStation 3, but remained coy on whether or not the MMO will launch on Xbox 360.

"My understanding is that that is not exclusive," he said in an interview today.

When pushed on whether or not the game was coming to 360, the exec said, "That would be a good question to ask Square".

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pwnsause3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

dont they say that every year in a very arrogant way?

Im not doubting that this might happen in the future, but the way these guys talk, it makes me want them to STFU.

Forrest Gump3428d ago

Indeed,it seems like a yearly tradition.

gameplayer3428d ago

MS would be SO much better off without Greenberg... seriously, fire this pompous walking pr disaster.

Araceae3428d ago

Yup. In translates to “wait till we offer them X amount of cash, then talk to them again about exclusivity”. In general I don’t care if games are multiplatform, but when one company just wants them so they can brag and gloat about them instead of just having the games it bothers me. I really don’t know how Greenberg has a PR job, as he is just a jackass.

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RememberThe3573428d ago

You again? Damn your on a trolling mission.

Again, Kojima slipped MS in the face by saying that the true Metal Gear sequel would be on the PSP.

And it's not embarrassing at all. Why the hell would you be embarrassed if you made a statement about an agreement then later the agreement is changed. That's business. Things change, you can't get butt hurt every time thing don't go exactly as planned.

Shadow Flare3428d ago

Monchichi, are you aaron greenberg? Because if you are, i would love to punch you in your stupid face

JhawkFootball063428d ago

Meh..I dont really like Japanese Games

Monchichi0253428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

@ RememberThe357 and Shadow Flare....

Wow, guess this news REALLY struck a nerve! LMFAO!! Don't forget to wipe the pie off your face as well!

Oh and why is it embarrassing you ask????! Because it makes you look like a lying fool infront of the entire gaming community...that's why!

4Sh0w3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Who cares? OK, I don't mean to downplay this news but do alot of people really play MMO's on consoles? Why do I always imagine MMO players as some geeks who lock themselves in their Moms basement playing WOW for days without seeing the outside world. lol, Gamers are always so easily stereotyped I know but aahh well guess its just not my cup of tea anyway. I dont want to play the same game all the time and from what I understand you have to invest alot of time in MMO's to really enjoy them.

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gaffyh3428d ago

Aaron Greenburg is just a twat he really needs to learn when to STFU. The way this article sounds though, I'm guessing the game is timed console exclusive for PS3, if not it will be console exclusive in Japan for PS3.

Seems like that's the way Square Enix roll nowadays

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3428d ago

Fine then L4d, Mass Effect and Gears isn't 360 exclusive then. Man that guy needs to chill. Mad cuz 360 aint got ff14.

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gaffyh3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

@1.14 Funny you mention Alan Wake, a game that was announced before Killzone 2 and still isn't coming in 2010, and you are complaining about GT5? Seriously dude stop being a fanboy, it makes you incredibly stupid.

Been looking forward to Alan Wake for a long time so I'm glad it was finally shown, same with GT5.

Also Gran Turismo PSP looks better than Forza 3, seriously check out the gameplay video and you will be amazed. Never underestimate Polyphony Digital, they are unbeatable.

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Monchichi0253428d ago

We're not laughing cuz we want the game. We still think MMO games suck. We are laughing cuz how foolish Sony was made to look with this news. LOL

assassin2233428d ago

Well of course it's not a ps3 exclusive it's also coming to the PC.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33428d ago

There is soooo much red tape involved here. The prospect of bringing an MMO to a console has proven to be a difficult one. I'm sure it took a lot of work between Square Enix and Sony to figure out how this was going to happen in the first place. The same thing is going to have to happen between them and MS. I wouldn't expect an official announcement on this matter for a while.

Plus, how do you scheme the pricing? Should gold XBL members get a discount on the monthly fee? Could you imagine how expensive it would get paying for a few MMO's and an XBL membership on top of this. I can see MS releasing a few MMO's, but I really don't think thats the direction they are trying to move. There is less money in it for them to extort anyways.

The Master Chief3428d ago

How can you speak for everyone?

I personally don't want it, and guarantee I won't pick it up. I'll be playing Mass Effect 2 and Fallout games. And probably Halo:Reach when this announces.

It wasn't even a OMG HUGE announcement in the first place.

Xbox 360 already has FFXI Online and its just crap. You have to pay.

If it was truly the real next FF14 FF13, it would have been a Megaton.Would have been Sony getting back one third party game, after losing everyone you possibly can.

morganfell3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

That is the most misleading crap and he knows it. Why do it? They are desperate. I am typing this on my Iphone near Starbucks in the south hall at E3 and Sony is kicking butt.

I just finished playing Sigma 2 and the improvements are insane. I also spentt a lot of time with SOCOM FTB III. It is a alpha running on a ramped up Tactical Strike engine. We we running ad hoc coop. It is the SP campaign in coop with crazy detail in the environment. More later.

The Master Chief3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Vicodin = a very jealous and bitter Nasim.

You still won't be enjoying them on your PS3!

I'm sure you've got a PC that can play all those games though, we know. ;)

Edit:"The Last Guardian game that looked amazing" This was already seen weeks before E3. I mean something new.

RememberThe3573428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

You don't need to troll. It really is beneath you.

Sony's motion controller was actually amazing. They announced The Last Guardian game that looked amazing, and the PSP is finally getting the support it deserves with AC and GT among others.

You downplay the increased support for the PSP, the new exclusives and the 1:1 motion sensing of Sony's new controller, and it just makes you look defensive.

Just because you can't get your hands on a product doesn't mean you need to lash out at it.

I don't lash out at people with HDTVs because I don't have one. I admire it and move on. You should do the same.

@above: Not like that it wasn't. The trailer that came out before E3 didn't look nearly that good.

I look at it this way: The trailer we saw before E3 was the dream. The trailer we saw at E3 was the dream realized.

And honestly we don't need anything new right now. The rest of the year and into next year is packed with games, not just from Sony, but from everywhere.

We got some great PSP support and I appreciate that from Sony. I am satisfied with what both MS and Sony offered this year.

king dong33428d ago

i'm still waiting for epic to announce gears like you've been claiming for the last six months????

when was it? i must have missed it lol

Venomish3428d ago


this is just stupid
ps3 fanboys laughing at xbox fanboys because MGSR to ps3 news/rumors
xbox fanboys lauging at ps3 fanboys because FF14 to xbox news/rumors

why dont you guys grow up and stop laughing at each other
at least when you laugh , laugh after getting a real confirmation

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menoyou3428d ago

FFXIII looks like crap from the gameplay video. Like any other Square-Enix RPG this gen, it looks like they're not putting a lot of effort into it. FFXIV has a nice art direction. I hope it turns out really good and dominates WoW, but I doubt it knowing Square's track record. Overall I don't care abou Final Fantasy, the series has sucked since the end of PS1 and Square-Enix is just a mediocre company these days that makes mediocre RPGs with the same formula and designs ridiculous cross dressing characters with cliche save the world themes.

Microsoft can take all Square-Enix games this gen for all I care. It's a ridiculous cycle: They pay for the games, the games don't sell because Japanese people don't have Xbox360s, and Square-Enix ends up with the same amount of profit but with no one playing their games lol so it just hurts them in the long run.

Rigmaster3428d ago

Microsoft has to do something. They're one big game announcement was completely destroyed by Kojima the very next day. Right now they are coming out of E3 with nothing but me too motion controls that have no release date and no games even announced.

They are going to pay any amount to try to salvage their disastrous E3 showing.

ultimolu3428d ago

...I always have the urge to punch the screen whenever these guys open their mouths.

I swear....*shakes head*

Chevalier3428d ago

I don't care either way since I probably won't play it, but, seriously what MMO's have been announced for the 360 lately? They could use one.

Fallout MMO that's going to be coming out, now that will be cool.

Megaton3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Yeah, last year it was "Ask Konami when MGS4 is coming to 360". He speaks in canned absurdity.

Microsoft's PR people are notoriously sociopathic. They'll say absolutely anything to make you think one way, no matter how much reality might be dictating the opposite. It's a PR person's job to be a good spin doctor, but these guys take it to a whole different level.

Seraphim3428d ago

very arrogant indeed... but at the same time probably very correct. I'm just sick of seeing these remarks from any camp be it MS, Nintedo or Sony...

If I'm not mistaken it was only stated the PS3 is the only console you'll be able to play XIV on in 2010 when the game releases. If I recall Sony didn't say anything about XIV being exclusive. Come E3 or any other time of the year you really have to listen to what is said because more often than not it seems that only place in *insert year* is always misconstrued as this game is absolutely exclusive... MMORPGs are all about the money. Which is one key reason Square brought XI to the 360 several years after the game released. And if the 360 version has done well enough in monthly subscription fees (sales are pretty irrelevant for a MMO, it's the monthly subscribers that count) there's no reason we won't see Square bring this title to the 360. Maybe 2011, maybe in 2012. At $13-15+ a month, times how many hundreds of thousands-millions of gamers paying each money? CASH COWS.

ShabzS3428d ago

Do u really want this game? its an online ff ... personally i'm not a ff fan .. but everyone seems to like ff for the story .... r u guys really waiting for this game and do 360 owners really want it?

GameGambits3428d ago

FF14 was the biggest news for ME this E3. Why? I played FF11 for 6 years of my life so to finally got a confirmation on the same team who made 11 to be doing 14 and to get it soon is amazing for me.

I am also glad to see that Nobou Oumetsu (spelling?) is doing the music for this Final Fantasy. As you know him and the president Sakaguchi left Square a while back. The last Nobou music game I can say I got to play and enjoy was Lost Odyssey. The last FF project I think he touched for music was 11 on release content of it.

11 was crack and 14 will be meth. I don't care if it's on a machine shaped like a mans genitals or if it's on 360 or ps3 or PC, because I'll do whatever to get to play it. :)

morganfell3428d ago

Go back and read what I said. I stated give me a reason. Taking things out of context is your only hope.

Just had a go at UndeadKnight for PSP. I saw it on the screen when I first walked over and thought it was a full console title. Eyepopping!

SuperM3428d ago

"It is my understanding that the game is not exclusive" says Greenberg knowing that they had just bribed SE with millions of dollars.

el zorro3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

What did Greenberg say wrong? Seriously, you guys need to grow up. The ONLY reason everything Microsoft says or does bothers you guys is because they pose a threat (through competition) to your favored console.

This is what Greenberg said:
“My understanding is that it is not exclusive,”

“That would be a good question to ask Square.”

“I know that we have a great relationship with [Square]. They provided a number of big titles, including some exclusives like Star Ocean, along with having FFXIII demoed on Xbox 360.”

Try to tell me that anything here sounds smug or out of line in any way. If you think it does, I don't know what to say. *shakes head*

Sony says the exact same kinds of things and you guys don't bat an eyelid. You guys seem truly delusional sometimes.

NickIni3427d ago

Well, Sony were very confident indeed. They mentioned "exclusive to PS3" about a dozen times.

cherrypie3427d ago

@1.0 & 1.1

You two care "how it was said?" All he said was "Ask SE if it is exclusive". Was very grascious if you ask me, allowing SE to save face with sony. Sounds to me like you two are just eager (in every thread) to down-play MS's massive victory at E3.

So, now that FFXIV is coming to Xbox 360 do you guys hate it? Kinda like you hate MGS5: Rising now?

Eh? What's the matter, dont like it that the industry has moved beyond the PS3?

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StanLee3428d ago

I hate Aaron Greenberg. He's a douchebag. Everytime he speaks I want to punch him in his smug, fat lip.

Black Maverick3428d ago

It's funny because he said the same thing about MGS4 and we all know how that turned out.

ShabzS3428d ago

i like the guy ... doesnt bullsh*t anyone with "statements"... he says it like a normal person... some ppl like it some dont

SuperM3428d ago

You mean he says it like an average douchebag fanboy on N4G? Oh yea i agree.

WildArmed3428d ago

or this idiot said this about MGS4 too.
Guess he'll try n pull a big check over their faces to make SE make it go multi.. but w/e.
I'm happy :D

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yoghurt3428d ago

It's just a battle of stealing exclusives these days! I'm just happy Sony have loads of 1st party devs so we can still have some exclusive games that can't be touched

Wolf8733428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

and the best thing is Sony doesn't steals any exclusives. They aren't bothered by the fact that some particular franchise is not on their console, what they do is make another IP or continue on with what they have.

RememberThe3573428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

It's what I call "MS exclusive". Meaning "console exclusive". For now I'm pretty sure it's slated for PS3/PC.

KillaManiac3428d ago

I bet we now know Microsoft's next big E3 announcement (what exclusive they stealing)...

lol..calling it now!

So predictable....

skatezero2463428d ago

Let them have it, they will have to feed microsoft more money on top of xbox live lol either way Sony's still geting my money I would rather give my money to a comapany that focuses on Exclusives

king dong33428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

dont forget to collect your "i love sony" hat on the way

36T3428d ago

If only the Sony fan base felt the same way as you do. Obviously game & hardware sales prove otherwise. Seriously though Sony fans, get up and buy some games you cheep bastards. No wonder you find Xbox Gold so expensive.(jk)

Whether this game comes to X360 or not, i really don't care. I have no interest for MMO's. I just wouldn't have enough time. There are already enough games coming out on the X360 to keep me busy for quite some time. For those that own both systems, i seriously don't know how you manage to play so many games!

nightfallfilms3428d ago

@36T they obviously don't have a life, and for there being so many good games to play I see the same fanboys on here everyday spewing there fanboy hate all day long.

RememberThe3573428d ago

The PS3 is either equal or above the 360 in revenue for most third party publishers. PS3 gamers are buying games, they just not buy one type of game.

Playstation gamers seem to just have different tastes that are more diverse. So, you wont see one game sell 6 million and five others bomb. Instead you'll see six games sell close to or above a million units. It ends up balancing out over time.

leyego3428d ago

id rather buy it for the ps3 also cuz i wouldn't have to pay extra fees ontop of it

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housegroove763428d ago

technically its not exclusive because it's coming to the PC. I think it's meant that console wise, its PS3 exclusive

housegroove763428d ago

Wow, how did I get 3 disagrees with me saying that ps3 and pc make it multiplat? Did the definition of multiplat change?