E3'09 / EA PR are completely amazing

TVGB: "Today a group of protesters gathered outside of E3 to protest Dante's Inferno. They had signs saying things like "EA = Electronic Anti-Christ." The shouted a bit and had plenty of reporters come to do interviews with them. Maybe you've seen some on the web. However, after some discussion and a brief look at the flyer they were handing out TVGB has concluded that this is an amazing PR stunt."

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iHEARTboobs3476d ago

That's an awesome flyer. lol

Great job EA.

GiantEnemyCrab3476d ago

EA are masters of deceiving and exploiting their customers so this seems like a natural fit.

outlawlife3476d ago

i wonder what kind of pointless downloads you'll be able to buy from the game?

perhaps they will sell some more cheats

Automat3476d ago

the game looks boring and so are ea. f them.