E3 09: Final Fantasy XIV "Best Final Fantasy Available"

Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix's idea of the best Final Fantasy ever.

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Kurisu3422d ago

Let's get FFXIII out the door first!!!

raztad3422d ago

SE has its hands full of Fantasy :D (pun intended). They got to finish XIII and already are announcing (and hyping) XIV to be released next year. Wow! At the same time Nomura is working mainly on Versus. I guess we will get news about versus in TGS.

Baba19063422d ago

i love ff but lets wait and see =D

THC CELL3422d ago

where is it confirmed for xbox ?

Vicodin3422d ago

It isn't. It is confirmed by Square as PS3 and PC exclusive.

Just another fanboy submission.

THC CELL3422d ago

gaffyh - contributor
Published: 23 minutes ago | News | E3 2009 | PlayStation 3 | (((Xbox 360))) | PC

gaffyh3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

It's rumored to be coming, so I put it in 360 as well.

Edit: Can't remove it now :( Sorry about that

N4U3422d ago

Please tell me this means Square-Enix are going to fulfill my sexual fantasies this time...

Final Fantasy XIV: what a name for a porno, though, right?

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