Final Fantasy XI Developers Behind XIV

Kombo Reports: "Final Fantasy XI fans will be happy to know that Final Fantasy XIV is in the hands of the same developers of Final Fantasy XI.

When asked when not just make an update available on Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix responded by saying that they didn't want to make a remake and port XI. They wanted to make something entirely new."

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Vicophine3422d ago

This is great news, FFXI development team learned a lot from FFXI, I'm sure FFXIV will be amazing.

Sangria3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Update: Nevermind, i answered my question myself.

DrWan3422d ago

1. Keep the job system, very important
2. Faster action, FF11 is too 'slow'
3. Better story line if possible
4. Better partying system, more solo-able areas
5. Mog house limit please remove/expand, kind of sucks to have all the armors from like 12 jobs.