Final Fantasy XIV Cross Platform Play

Kombo Writes: "Final Fantasy XIV will also see release on the PS3 and PC on the same day when it releases in 2010. The servers will be 11 cross-platform worldwide servers."

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Nitrowolf23423d ago

I wish that they would do this for more Multiplat games.

himdeel3423d ago

...cross platform between PC, 360, & PS3 would be good in my opinion. They already had cross platform between PS2, 360, and PC with Final Fantasy 11.

Raf1k13423d ago

I'm starting to get interested in this game.

I was originally planning on getting it on the PC a week or two after launch to see if it was any good.

blacksniper3423d ago

FF11 really had cross platform between PS2,PC,and the 360. I never knew that.

Godmars2903423d ago

Thought the 360 version at least ran on separate servers?

himdeel3422d ago Japan FF11 launched on the PS2. In America FF11 released on the PC. PS2 players played with PC players. Later FF11 was released on 360 allowing PS2 and PC players to play with 360 player.

I played FF11 for 5 years and many of the folks in my Linkshell were on PC or 360. Most of my Japanese pals were on PS2.