'Wii hacker' part of Microsoft's Natal effort

Johnny Chung Lee, the former Carnegie Mellon researcher known for finding creative ways to adapt the Wiimote, has revealed himself as one of the minions behind Project Natal, Microsoft's effort to add motion-sensing capabilities into the Xbox 360.

Lee, who is now a researcher at Microsoft, said in a blog posting that he has been working on the motion-sensing project.

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idiealot3423d ago

His demos where really cool, glad somebody picked him up. Like he said in his videos it all up to the developers to really deliver the software.

Sonyslave33423d ago

this is my list of games i want to play using Natal

2.dragonball z
3.bioshock 2k 10

qface643423d ago

they would have to slow down fighting games ALLOT for it to be on natal
are you crazy you can't keep up with super saiyan speed

lol it would remind me of prize fighter for the sega cd lol with the super fast movements

anyways for some reason i don't see natal getting that kind of support

leyego3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

at best natal will have games for soccer moms like wii sports did

i can't see anyone play a halo or a kh or a FF or even a damn zelda using natal

it just wont work, people don't want to run on the spot for hours just to get link to move or spin around just so he can make a spin attack or rolling for crying out loud. ha even mario can't be done in natal, how are u going to do a but slam? are u planing on jumping non stop from start to finish?

it just doesn't work ppl will get bored and tired of it fast just u watch. natal's motion controls are only good for short mini games like they demoed on stage at e3. the voice software could work for games like that rts splinter cell (i believe that what it was). other then that i keep drawing blanks.

face it u can't play a game like halo where it requires u to move around dodge jump and shoot with skill (speaking online ofcourse).

btw what would u do if ur really fat? this reminds me of the wii fit board all over again. fat ppl getting something they can't use.

Game13a13y3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

i seriously doubt that any of those games will be possible with the Natal thing. the most you'll be getting is an army of Microsoft copycat versions of Wii Fit, Wii Sports and things alike. or Mario Party like mini-games. just watch.

na-no-nai3423d ago

that funny i remember last time they said that nintendo wasnt a threat to them lol. oh well

IdleLeeSiuLung3422d ago

MS weren't since Nintendo is in the casual space and Sony/MS is in the hardcore. MS just merely expanded their market. Get it now?

ChrisGTR13423d ago

i think they should make just a bunch of minigames or something. maybe an app store? or make a whole new XNA game section just dedicated to user made natal games

ThatArtGuy3422d ago

Now THERE'S a guy that deserved a good job!

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The story is too old to be commented.