TheColbertinator5518d ago

No doubt about it.SE wants to make money but they should work on something called quality before jumping to investors

Man_of_the_year5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

I don't think we know enough yet about "quality" in regards to FFXIV since all we saw as a 20 second CGI trailer.

Also ofcourse they are thinking about the 360. It's an MMO. They need the money from subscribers to maintain the servers. There is just too much of a market when you add the PS3 install base with the 360 install base.

It's crazy to release a MMO on 1 console that has monthly fees.

Either way, i won't be playing this game on the 360 or PS3 as i don't like paying $12.50 a month for an MMO.

12 months = $120
24 months = $240
36 months = $360 ... well you get the picture.

EDIT @ Below. I'm not poor either. But to play games like MMO's you have to put in the time. I just don't have the time to put into an MMO therefor i am paying for something that i am not using. I like to be able to take my time and play other games as well. The cost just doesn't justify the means for me as i would rather play a good RPG and take my time than an MMO and feel like i am rushed because i want to utilize the high cost to play per month.

TheColbertinator5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

I'm not poor so I'm not concerned with money.MMOs are not out of the question for me since I am a hardcore PC gamer.I just want my cash to go to games that justify their quality.If FFX14 is good,I'll give it some time.

Other than DS remakes and delayed games(Dragon Quest 9,FFXIII),SE really needs to set their priorities

Montreafart5518d ago

Because Tretton said (during E3 conference - you can look it up if you dont believe me): "you can only play FF14 on OUR CONSOLE (ie PS3) in 2010."

From that sentence alone, I realized FF14 would be exclusive for the year 2010 but maybe not 2011.

TheReaper425517d ago

Saw this one coming, bet no one was surprise after FXIII going multiplat. SE repeats itself

Ichiryoka5517d ago

Q: Yesterday's trailer that was shown, was that running of a console or was it pre-rendered?

A: There were parts that were pre-rendered and parts that were running on the in-game engine.

Q: Is that the quality you're aiming for? The scene with the Galka fighting, is that what you're aiming for?

A: Yes, that is the part that was running in-engine

theKiller5517d ago

from the moment they said online!!!!

because 360 have big online community and knowing SE, they wont miss that chance since they r after MS money!! probably they want MS to pay them 50 million check to release it on their 360 as usual!!! damn SE, they r really clever and stupid at the same time!!!!

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hay5518d ago

That was surprisingly fast.

Genesis55518d ago

Guess MS brought their cheque book with them.

Shadow Flare5518d ago

I bet if this was on 360, they'd still get charged a subscription fee lol. On top of their xbox live fee. And on top of their internet fee

Chris3995518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

"Write the cheque, MS, write the cheque..."

- Yoichi Wada

P.S. I'm curious to see the rather agile dance MS and SE do around the whole "no hard-drive" thing. Hopefully, they'll just ditch that charade of a console - the Arcade - and bite their honor on this one. MMO's can't succeed on the 360 with the Arcade and the support (b.s. support, but still) that MS is giving it. Just kill the damned thing. It only exists so that they can claim a $200 price point and so that customers can see the greater value of a Pro model.

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Blaze9295518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

Actually no, playing a MMO game on the XBox 360 is free; all you have to pay for is the MMO subscription itself <---- That applies to Xbox Live Silver, the free service.

Now on Xbox Live Gold, yeah you'd still have to pay for the subscription fee. But chances are, if your playing a MMO on the 360, that's all your playing so why even get GOLD.

As for the internet fee...umm, that applies to every system it'll be on.

SL1M DADDY5518d ago

Not really. I half suspected they would have made the announcement at the same time it was said to be "exclusive".

I can hear it now:

Yoichi Wada: "And now, exclusively for PS3 and PC, I bring you Final Fantasy XIV!!! Soon to be available on the 360."

gintoki7775518d ago

so the words only on ps3 mean nothing wow just keep taking microsoft just keep taking the game was announced for 1 day you hear about it and talk to square enix reps after bring to dark alley way hold up a gun and say bring this to the 360 or it will cost your life. then next day we are considering bringing this to other platforms

gamesmaster5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

ok so now FFXIV going multiplat will mean its not just another morpg to fanboys now.

edit: yes and no? thats what makes me laugh about fanboys, with them, game's can go from something to nothing when platform announcements are concerned.

i think the game will be great, FFXIII style battle system chaining moves, combos and spells with your friends. i think its a winner, whatever system.

menoyou5518d ago

Square-Enix sucks so I don't really care. FFXIII looks gay but FFXIV looks interesting, and I hope it destroys World of Warcraft but knowing Square-Enix's track record I doubt it.

SL1M DADDY5518d ago

So you think it is coming to the Wii? The PSP Go? Or are we posting in random code...

IdleLeeSiuLung5518d ago

"Guess MS brought their cheque book with them. "

or it could just be SE wanting to explore more ways to make money. Hmmm... what a concept other than MS bringing the cheque book. Yeah, I know mind blowing indeed!


the game that sony gamers were bragging about is a timed exclusive, lol.

gameplayer5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

Isn't this game exclusive/timed exclusive on the PS3 and wouldn't that mean that Sony is the one writing a cheque to keep the game exclusive/timed exclusive? I'm sorry but the install base on either side is too large for me to honestly believe that a 3rd party would go exclusive without some serious cash these days, how have you guys possibly come to the conclusion that MS is the one writing cheques here?!