Nintendo: 'We recently canceled a new handheld'

According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, the company has recently canceled a completed handheld system in the last three years.

From the article:

"It seems that Nintendo had completed development on a new handheld system sometime in the last three years, but canceled it before revealing it to the public. Iwata would not elaborate on whether it was another refresh of the DS (which has been upgraded twice, first as the DS Lite and more recently as the DSi) or if it was the fabled 'Game Boy Evolution.'"

Iwata also used the interview to reiterate that Nintendo does not plan to drop the price of the Wii anytime soon.

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Gamertags3516d ago

Nintendo already has a winning solution. You know that they are constantly working on new technology. Who knows, we may see this canceled device at a later time.

Jockamo3516d ago

Maybe they were waiting to see the PSPGo and had it in the back as insurance.

STK0263516d ago

Sure, the DS is a winning formula, however, the idea of finally entering what one could call the "next generation" of handheld seems like a great one to me. Right now, the DS and the PSP are battling over the "current generation", there were some rumors that MS might want to enter the fray, with possibly a much more powerful device. I believe that next year, atleast Sony or MS will want to present a new handheld, even if it is to be released the year after. Since I'm often away from home, handhelds have quite somce importance to me, so I can't wait for the next wave.

MasterChief36243516d ago

Yes indeed. They are always coming up with new and fresh ideas. I wonder if they canceled this because they decided the technology was too advanced, and thus would be way too expensive to produce and sell?

Who knows? I bet it will come up again later on, in a few years.

PStu'rd3516d ago

The exact same thing sony should have done with Go

3516d ago
Socomer 19793516d ago

This guy had the best looking suit on.
seriously, im not even a suit and tie kind of a guy but goddam his suit was nice.

qface643516d ago

oddly im gonna agree with you

kingme713516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Our on site vault was so full we started stacking our money in R&D and well, we seemed to have buried the prototype so we just canceled it and bought a small nation instead. Reggie has always had an eye for Antigua.

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The story is too old to be commented.