G4TV: Left 4 Dead 2 Doug Lombardi Interview

G4TV writes: "On today's E3 09 Live from the Los Angeles Convention Center, Doug Lombardi of Valve talked with Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler about Left 4 Dead 2, giving us an early idea of what might be in the game, including the setting in the Southeast, and talked about how Valve couldn't stop themselves from releasing a sequel so soon after the original game was released."

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Creep3475d ago

new technology i think he means new engine but i think not an new would be nice but instead another spin off fo the original with more weapons and more maps but no extra content for the 1st one valve=MS little brother just ripping off customers and i bet it will get a 5 out of 5 from adam sessler himself just cuz they have a hard on for valve