N4G Design Contest - Help redesign (re-post)

When we launch the next site update this fall, we hope to also make some visual improvements to the the site. Since N4G is a user driven site we thought it would be a good idea to give all of you a chance to help decide how the new N4G will look. We want to keep this contest as open as possible as at this stage we are only looking for design ideas. You can do something which captures the look and feel of the current N4G design, or you can try and go for a new look, it is up to you. To participate you will need to open an account with

You will find the contest here
For design brief got to 

(It is important that all who plans to submit a design have seen the wireframe available in the design brief)

The winner will get $1000 and the chance to do further design work on N4G. Good luck!


Important: This is a design contest. You do not need to know any html or programming. All you need to do is to create a design mockup based around this wireframe

The $1000 prize is for the best design mockup, not for a whole redesign of N4G. The new N4G might look very different from the winning design, as the purpose of this contest is to help us get ideas for the new design.

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WhittO3422d ago

TBH i like the current design of N4G..

TheColbertinator3422d ago

I would like some more color if I had a choice.

Muggles3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

...but this contest will give someone the incentive to try!

chaosatom3422d ago

They can always try it out and if people don't like, then go back to the old one.

vickers5003422d ago

Yeah, don't change it too much. The design is the only reason I keep coming back to this fanboy infested rat's nets of a web site.

Shadow Flare3422d ago

I personally really don't feel like it needs a redesign. Its simple and clear, which is great. And its better with a white background. Its like the google of gaming

BrunoM3422d ago

Darker colors .. theme for every system and so on ..

Tony999Montana3422d ago

Here's one very small feature that I would like to see. When you reply to a comment the box should flick down under the original comment so you can view when replying without scrolling up and down.

Shadow Flare3422d ago

Actually there is one thing. Make the minus bubble symbol actually a minus symbol. Because at the moment, its a division symbol. Why on earth is it a division symbol?

Shadow Flare3422d ago

Oh yeah, and make it so i can log onto n4g from my ps3 please. Although i realise thats not an aesthetics change....

BrunoM3422d ago

Shadow Flare i agree log on the ps3 would be kool..

and on another note .. kinda weird how some one just went by every comment and give a disagree lol.

Bubble Buddy3421d ago

I hope it's not a major change. IMO all they need is slight graphical updates and maybe bigger avatar pictures? :P

xwabbit3421d ago

whats with all the freaking disagrees ? even people who said n4g should stay the same (which is shouldnt.. theres always room for improvement) got disagrees lol ? wth rlly


N4PS3G logo dark colors with red and compatible with PS3 controller and the 3% of Xbox 360 fans at this website should be banned.

It was a Joke... I think.

Hellsvacancy3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

ADD MORE BLACK (my fav color)

Edit. Oh and y does nearly ever1 under me hav 16+ disagrees?

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UnblessedSoul3422d ago

Nothing beats the current design imo

chaosatom3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

It then beats the current design.

Edit: ah-ha! I have proven my point.

Sarcasm3422d ago

They need to add a vote bann for IP addresses.

ChampIDC3422d ago

Get rid of the disagree button, and people won't have anything to click on every comment as they scroll down the page!

THC CELL3422d ago

all they need to add is facebook chat feature and better profiles

Salvadore3422d ago

It's on like Donkey Kong.