Square Enix Press Conference Live Blog

Square Enix recently added their press conference to the E3 2009 schedule, but what will they reveal? We're likely to see more on Final Fantasy XIII, but you can bet Square Enix isn't stopping there.

Follow along with the live blog coverage and you won't miss a single announcement.

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staticimport3427d ago

Hey that's what I'm hoping for! Come on V or VI, preferably on the PSP!

SpoonyRedMage3427d ago

You know they have plenty of original games on the DS as well. Like TWEWY...

I'm happy with the majority as well. Most of them are the first time they've been released in Europe. I think FFIV is the only one that wasn't it's first release.

Christopher3427d ago

It's only for FFXIV. Just confirmed in the Live Blog.

Enate3427d ago

Are you gonna mention TWEWY in every thread possible like really. Its fun an all but damn its not the best thing since sliced bread.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3427d ago

Last minute?

and why are we in the open zone O.o

Christopher3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

So, possibly added (or not publicized to give Sony the big 'oooh' on releasing it first) just to talk about the upcoming MMO.

Edit: They just confirmed at the conference that it's only for FFXIV, not for any other SE titles.

Blaze9293427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Square originally was not going to do a press conference. I wonder what they have to show that they needed a conference for. If its just about FF14 then meh; could care less about MMOs


Seems FFXIV could be coming to the 360

DNAgent3427d ago

Remakes are about the only thing they can't screw up (especially on handhelds). I mean everytime they make a new game it ends up being mediocre regardless of what it is. In fact, their handheld games seem to be a lot better than their console games (also talking about last gen).

Foxgod3427d ago

I really really really really really really really want a Final Fantasy VI remake, and i really really really really want it on the Psp, but it would still be cool if it went to the DS.

FamilyGuy3427d ago

It supposedly supports cross platform play which means three things
1. It will be on their own severs
2. Because of point one it will DEFINITELY have a fee
3. It's HIGHLY likely to come to the 360 as well.

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Christopher3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

He typed that they are looking into other hardware for the game. Not sure if they mentioned the 360 in the conference specifically or if the live blogger just added it in his typing, but this could mean the 360. Perhaps this will be a timed exclusive?

EDIT @12:30 PM PST

From GameSpot's Live Blog (yeah... I'm dual Live Blogging the same conference...)

Komoto would like to clarify some confusion regarding the exclusivity.

Through a translator, he says that some folks interpreted that it was an exclusive, the announcement would be coming to the PS3 and PC.

"We are considering all options at this time, including Microsoft hardware."

Guess Sony has some red tape and check writing to go through if they want to keep it exclusive. I'm thinking this will end up on all platforms.

staticimport3427d ago

Did the PS3 guy really emphasize that it would be PS3 exclusive? Why would he do that if SE is really thinking about opening it up? Maybe I'm just totally mistaken on that first part.

Christopher3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Yeah, Jack Tretton said it was exclusive to the PS3. Might be some mistake in the response on the live blog since it's just two guys answering general questions or Microsoft got a hold of SE between the announcement and the ongoing conference.


Highly doubt Sony lied. But, there was definitely some confusion. I updated my post above with the actual comments from the GameSpot Live Blog of the event.

Godmars2903427d ago

He said that it would be out only on the PS3 in 2010.

The fun thing with all these MMO on consoles, not one is actually on a console.

Yes there's Angel Online in Japan and the 360 version of FFXI, but no one is talking about them.

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staticimport3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Sad for me, no remakes to be announced it would seem. :( Ah well, I missed the XI train, maybe I'll hop on the XIV one if it's not so expensive.

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