G4TV: God of War III Preview

G4TV writes: "Kratos has finally made the leap into the next generation, and Stig Asmussen, Game Director, stopped by and gave Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira a hands-on God of War III game preview at today's E3 09 Live. It's a high-definition bloodfest, and PS3 owners will be salivating for its release."

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LinuxGuru3426d ago

lol @ Tretton calling the Wii a nursing home toy.


Raf1k13426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

he didnt actually refer to the Wii when he made that comment. He was just saying they want to create something for gamers rather than some toy you'll find in a nursing home.

You have to remember, these people have to be careful about what they say and how they say it

Edit: I prefer Sony's motion controller over MS's Natal because of what he said. That they want to create it for games which gamers are interested in. MS seems to be targeting the casual market (I said this earlier in a nother post).

So for me, Sony's motion controller is better though I'm personally not too keen on using a motion controller with my PS3 since its hooked up to my computer monitor so but I guess I can work around it lol

Edit2: disagree? I must have missed the part where he actually mentions the Wii :S
Edit3: lol I can't believe I just watched it again to prove my point. I must be becoming pretty sad lol. Anyway, here's what he said "having technology that translates into a gaming experience for gamers and not a toy that quite frankly you're going to enjoy in the nursing home"

Doppy3426d ago

What a tease I want the full 30 min. demo

Szarky3426d ago

relax, it's not a big deal. i didn't disagree with you but I think you're looking too deep into it. Just enjoy the ownage Kratos is giving =)

Elimin83426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I like that.

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skatezero2463426d ago

My most anticipated game, closely followed by uncharted 2, FF13 & FFV13, Mag, and Heavy Rain

hazardman3426d ago

Tretton's a funny wife works in a nursing home and the most popular activity there is Wii sports now all they need is a Wii BINGO but anyway God of War 3 is gonna be the sh!t can't wait..

LinuxGuru3426d ago

Funny thing is...Tretton isn't exaggerating! And you know this first hand! lol

supahbad3426d ago

why would they even bring up PS motion? ITS GOW YOU LOSERS, these guys are terrible hosts

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