Videogame U: IGN Takes a look at a university specializing in videogame design

Instructor Greg Reisdorf asks this question of all his students, each of them clutching their latest project, a hand-drawn design of a videogame level in which you, of course, storm the alien mother-ship. Welcome to Game and Interactivity II.

It's a sunny Saturday morning at Cogswell College, a small Silicon Valley-based university that specializes in videogame design. Eight students sit in a circle around Reisdorf, a designer at Electronic Arts as well as a Cogswell alum. Some of the maps are neat and precise, resembling an architect's blue-print. Others are hastily drawn on ripped-out binder paper. Still others are being redrawn at this very moment to reflect Reisdorf's last point on the importance of enemy spawn locations. Each student has a different answer for Reisdorf.

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