Guitar Hero 360 Issue Surfaces

There are two different Guitar Hero II controllers for the 360. One of them, reportedly, has a serious whammy bar problem.

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God of Gaming4269d ago

I am having NO issues with my guitar... whammy bar works great!

Syko4269d ago

No problems at all, I just wonder if these people think you have to hold it down instead of workin' it. However I can't dispute this claim because I have the one with the side Cat5 adapter.

God of Gaming4269d ago

Well I have the one they say is "Bad"... however I have never played GH2 before so I am not sure how it is supposed to work. But it sure seemed fine for me last night, I hope it does not crap out on me soon.

GameJunkieJim4269d ago

But I've noticed nothing wrong with it so far.

ryanjtravis4269d ago

And I thought it was acting fishy - now its confirmed. This sucks... I wonder how to go about getting this exchanged...

yigmalsh4269d ago

I couldn't seem to get the star power to trigger when i held my guitar vertical, but that could possibly be my own ineptitude, i really dont know....i have a "bad one" i suppose.

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