G4TV Hands-On: PSP Go

G4TV writes: "Sprinting between E3 appointments, I found time to swing by Sony's booth and spend a little hands-on time with a copy of Gran Turismo loaded onto a PSP Go. Just a few rows down, LittleBigPlanet was being shown on PSP Go machines, too."

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Capt CHAOS4284d ago

They had the perfect chance to add another analogue controller to the PSP and missed the chance..

cyborg69714284d ago

So then they can what leave all the other psp's out in the cold?

Szarky4284d ago

I bet most people who will be buying this won't care as much as some of the whining people here on N4G about a second analogue. I would love it too but I think in general, people don't care THAT much. They see a new design and think "oh cool, look it's new, the screen slides, sweet."

Captain Tuttle4284d ago

And then they'll ask "how much"?

Jockamo4284d ago

giving you bubbles now to counteract what will happen...

I_am_rushin4284d ago

In the press release it says that it has bluetooth and can work with Sixaxis and DS3 controllers.

PotNoodle4284d ago

How many times do we have to say this?

This is still the same PSP but in a different shell! They couldn't add a second analogue because it would segment the whole PSP market!

The second analogue comes when they go to make their next generation PSP.

Venomish4284d ago

if i see all the games i want coming via digital downloads, i might get psp go, but as for now i'd rather spend the 250 dollars on 4 ps3 games

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timestoby4284d ago

its like a new system was launcht lol. id buy one,but not full price like when they psp first launcht. lets face it. who wouldnt want an option to caryy a shiite load of games on the internal mem. beats carrying around a huge ass pack with games in it. this way just squeeze it into ur pocket lol

cyborg69714284d ago

True I think it's a step in the right direction

themyk4284d ago

I'm buying one the day it comes out. Does it have a touch screen?

blusoops4284d ago

No touch screen tho. :-(

NewScratch4284d ago

i sold my 2000 a few months ago in planning for this thing. since i'll use it 50% for media and remote play, 25% for psone classics, and 25% for new AAA titles it'll be perfect. i have an empty pocket all ready for it since i just quit smoking too. excited as all get out...

Close_Second4284d ago

...does not detract me from getting the PSP Go however, how do you navigate the XMB for movie/music playback without having to slide the screen up?

Will the PSP Go come with a headphone remote like the original PSP use to?