1UP: Final Fantasy XIII Preview

1UP writes: "Square Enix is getting maximum mileage out of its next really, really big game: not only was it a hot exclusive for Sony in Japan (in the form of a playable PS3 demo attached to the release of Advent Children: Complete on Blu-ray), it was also a big smash for Microsoft yesterday here at E3 (with the first English footage of the game appearing as an Xbox 360 demo). By all accounts, both the 360 and U.S. versions of the game are in their most rudimentary forms; even so, producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama were on hand to demonstrate a few brief moments of English-language gameplay behind closed doors at the show."

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mario2man3425d ago

No random battles!!!! It is like a fanboy ran up to a SE guy and punched him in the face then told him no more random battles or a fanboy sent a 30 page paper on why random battles are terrible.