BioWare explains poor Mass Effect screens

BioWare has responded to the public outcry over yesterday's rather rough-looking Mass Effect screenshots, admitting that the shots were a "mistake" and "didn't look very good".

"The other day, we released 3 new screenshots," posts BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly. "A few people posted comments about how the art in Mass Effect was 'dumbed down' and wasn't looking very good. And I took exception to the comment and posted my feelings. The problem was, the screenshots they were criticising DIDN'T look very good."

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ThaGeNeCySt4270d ago

this new screenshot does look much better... though i didn't have much of a gripe with the previous 3 screens that were shown since i knew the final wouldn't look like that.

JasonXE4270d ago

the new ones still look "dumb down". It doesn't remind me of when I was watching the trailer. Look at his face texture, looks way to polygon :-/. If this is the work of compression then MS should of switch to a new format or Bioware should of used the xbox 360 HD to compensate.

nicodemus4270d ago

There's only one new picture, and I think it looks fine. The area it's taken in is darker than the usual screenshots we see, which hides some of the detail, but it's not some major "compression" issue.

Compare it to this screenshot, and it looks fine.

achira4270d ago

lol, at first they show cg and now they show real stuff and it looks awful. yeah, thats normal on a ms console. have a lot fun with another crappy game, lol.

THAMMER14270d ago

Here is a rare clip of achira in action.

JasonXE4270d ago

be good considering these are the same guys who are making GATOR which I love on my original xbox. I'm pretty sure there still working on it but I am disappointed by the graphics. I look at the graphics from the trailers compared to the picture that you showed nic...and i see a big difference. It's still good but not the trailer quality image.

004270d ago

so every is about the graphic now in games,and besides to me they look very close.

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