Perfect Dark E3'09 free theme - exclusive screenshots

Msxbox-World has posted some screenshots from the just released Perfect Dark E3'09 theme that is available to download from the Live Marketplace.

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Sonyslave33425d ago

Damn she look fvcking AMAZING so when is the coming out.

ShadesMoolah3425d ago

She's damn fine in that shot.

Sonyslave33425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

this the remake of PD wow i can't wait to see how Killer Instinct remake look like.

ShadesMoolah3425d ago

Although thinking about it - didn't she have ginger hair in PDZ - I guess this image is in line with her original hair colour for the XBLA version. Can't wait, one of my all time favourite games alongside anything Metal Gear.

Rockox3425d ago

I'm not being a d-bag here, either. I only ever tried PDZ for the 360 and I was pretty underwhelmed. It sounds like this remake for XBLA is something I should be excited about. True?

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