Introducing ModNation Racers: Play, Create, and Share on the Race Track

Official PlayStation Blog:
"Greetings from United Front Games, in Vancouver British Columbia. We're really excited to finally be able to talk to you about ModNation Racers. It's rare as developers that you get the opportunity to make the game you've always dreamt of creating, but that's the fantastic situation that we're in. We wanted to make a game that had the pick up and play accessibility of a kart game, with the depth and handling of a classic racer. So, we made ModNation Racers, a fresh take on a classic kart racing game that empowers you, the player, to personalize the entire game."

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WildArmed3427d ago

Game reminds me of mario cart on SNES.

Good old days!
Can't wait

butterfinger3427d ago

the same thing. This could be a sleeper hit for sure.

yoghurt3427d ago

I agree, this looks just like one of those games you can pick up and have an instant bash at, and have fun! and then if you have more time, create some cars and tracks! awsome!

iHEARTboobs3427d ago

I was sold when the guy doing the demo added the sunset to the map. That was cool. I'm looking forward to this as well as whatever else might come from this new genre.