Project Natal, reality or dream? writes "When E3 first started, we was blown away by Microsoft's Presentation. They finished it off with one of the coolest innovations we've seen in gaming; Project Natal. Could it be a reality so soon? It was obvious Microsoft was keeping a lid on things this year, but is this truly real?"

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I did not murder him3424d ago

Not coming in 2009 that was made clear at the conference but I agree.

Blaze9293424d ago

Definitely not coming out this year. Some things in that trailer seems a bit far fetched though.

But IGN said it's reality and it works; all we can do is wait and see.

I for one am excited after watching the trailer and can't wait to see more.

richie007bond3424d ago

Am truly amazed by Natal,the possibilities will be astounding. Microsoft have just sealed NEXTGEN, this is the future of gaming. Can you imagine playing games were you talk to characters and ask them questions, to fight- drive- fly- , all in game all without a controller. I cant wait to see how this Amazing new tech turns out, this truly is an amazing time to be a Gamer.