Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 empowers AI director to dynamically change level layouts

The E3 show floor is packed to the gills with gamers from around the world, many of whom are waiting for their chance to play Valve's Left 4 Dead 2, the rapid-fire sequel to a game that only came out last year. Already played Left 4 Dead? Awesome! Then you'll be able to jump right in to its follow-up. Left 4 Dead 2 plays just like the original -- at least at first. It's still you and three other (albeit new) characters, blasting your way through zombie hordes as you try to escape to safety. And yes, the AI director is still tuning the excitement to epic proportions.

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Mum3422d ago

Where's Half Life 2:Episode 3 guys?
I was realy looking forward to seeing something new about this game...

king dong33422d ago

just like the first. l4d is a great game, and taking out the other team with special infected is not only funny, but pretty satisfying aswell.

cant wait

narked3422d ago

valve needs to start reading forums. L4D is still being played we don't need the second installment just yet...

on another note when the hell are they going to reveal something about half life? when i am 40 years old maybe?

ShabzS3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

yah mee too... l4d 2 is great but hl2.3 would have been good as well... someone needs to close the hl2 story its been 5yrs already

ThanatosDMC3422d ago

Multiple paths would be awesome. Even better if paths get blocked and you have to go back.

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soxfan20053422d ago

It's a 360 exclusive, so PS3 fans are just trying desperately to create a controversy to diminish L4D2's impact.

StanLee3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I really think the success of Left 4 Dead on the XBox 360 changed the direction Valve went with the title. These wholesale changes would have been added incrementally as updates to the PC version. The title sold almost 2 million units in 6 or 7 weeks. With enough content to justify a sequel, it wasn't a question of if but when. The PC community will obviously feel jaded. They're accustomed to the free content. Even if the free content is more than worth paying for, it's been Valve's hallmark. It just seems the company has become more profit driven than community driven. Whether that's EA's or Microsoft's doing or Valve deciding it's about time they had some real console success given the lukewarm reception to The Orange Box, who knows.

narked3422d ago

as a pc gamer mate, i am still playing L4D, i am still playing TF2 and orange box... what I really want is HL2EP3. I guess most pc gamers who like fps and valve want that 1. I am not ready yet to pay 50Euro for a sequel of a game I am still enjoying.

rawrockkillz3422d ago

This is probably one of the bigger reasons why they are making a new game because i'm guessing that changing the AI director in an update would be extremely difficult.

truegamer4life3422d ago

Even though this game was announce to soon...I'm really excited for it. I just hope its has more content then the first one.

beans3422d ago

The game actually looks better than the 1st, but hopefully they can pull off a lot more before the release.

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