Why the amazing new demos prove motion control can't work in hardcore gaming

Sony and Microsoft's new motion control demos at E3 09 have been technically amazing. Sony's PlayStation Eye-powered PS3motes arguably demonstrates exactly what gamers all believed Nintendo's lofty claims would deliver. Using Microsoft's full body motion-capture Natal project looks like it will feel close to living in the future and having magical powers.

The problem? The new hardware demos' technically thrilling nature has, GamesRadar thinks, finally shown up a fundamental problem with motion control in video games. Before E3 09, gamers always had the excuse that it was the Wii's imprecision that limited the scope of its games. With that issue gone, it's now clear that the problem goes right down to the fundamentals of game design.

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IdleLeeSiuLung4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

What the author forgets is both the controller and games has evolved in the last 30-years. In contrast, this new motion controllers haven't had enough time to really shine and bring in the innovation yet. This is furthermore exacerbated by how Nintendo handled their games approving all sorts of [email protected] to be released.

Just think back to the NES days when you had 1 d-pad and 2 buttons (excluding Start/Select). See how it evolved? We now got 2 analogs, 1 d-pad, 4 buttons, 2 bumpers and 2 triggers to get where we are today.

What about pairing Natal with a regular controller? You can now get rid of the 1-analog that controls the head view for instance.

N4U4338d ago

where motion controls will work without the need for motion.

Mark my words.

Capt CHAOS4338d ago

But not in the kind of games I want to play.

Christopher4338d ago

You can develop games tailored for the motion controllers, but your general games will stick with the better response and control using the current hand-held, non-motion controllers. This is very similar to why 3d/VR gaming won't take off compared to current 2d gaming.

We won't see Assassin's Creed with motion controls, but we might see a graphically superior and more responsive version of certain Wii games (Red Steel, No More Heroes, etc.).

snaz274338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

you see i think that lots of people have gotten the wii for the novelty, and i dont think they really care how precise the movement of the thing is!, most wouldnt even know the wiimote isnt that sensitive, they just wave the damn thing and love it lol... now im not talking about the odd hardcore gamer that also bought the wii, im talking about the majority... now for me if i wanted motion control i would buy a wii... simple, sony and ms want to cash in on the wii success but i think its all but blown over to be honest, they are wasting time on this tech! especially sony... only cos natal will be used for menu guiding etc, will people buy it just for that? hmmm i dont know... anyway all i do know is i dont care how sensitive something is, hell i dont even care if the thing could GUESS my next move! I still dont wanna game like that! its why i bought the ps3 not the wii... i wish sony would just drop that stupid glowing mic looking jobbie and give me some cool psn features id actually use!!!

Godmars2904338d ago

I can see both working with games like Fallout and Oblivion.

Just think that the 360 one isn't going to be as effective because it will require full motion like walking and running. Wont allow for precise aiming or even a target mark on screen.

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