GameSpy E3 2009: BioShock 2 Preview

GameSpy writes: "This 2K Marin-developed sequel to first-person shooter BioShock takes players back to the dystopian underwater city of Rapture (with the clock dialed forward 10 years) and puts them in the heavy boots of a Big Daddy, the series' trademark baddie. Not just any Big Daddy, either, but the original Big Daddy, the prototype, the Jango Fett himself. As this hulking (yet spry) monstrosity, you ally with creepy Little Sisters, who embody the franchise's moral dilemma. Do you act as their rust-bucket guardian angel (complete with weapons ranging from rivet guns to drills), or do you murder them in an effort to get at the all-important ADAM substance that they harvest from handy corpses? In either case, you've got the Big Sister -- the almighty bitch-queen of Rapture -- to deal with, and she's watching your every move."

+See the city of Rapture from a different side
+Hopefully an interesting expansion on BioShock lore.

-BioShock arguably needs no sequel
-Multiplayer seems like an awfully contrived addition

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