GameSpy E3 2009: Brink Preview

GameSpy writes: "Brink is a new FPS from Splash Damage, creators of Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It takes place in 2035, and is about a world where rising sea levels have left very little land to live on, resulting in conflicts between two factions called the Security and the Resistance. The game takes place on a floating city called The Ark, and allows players to play through a campaign for both Resistance and Security forces."

+Awesome-looking; dynamic missions really could change the way people play together.


-Eight-player cooperative sounds nice, but I wonder if it'll get scaled back as in so many other games?

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Tito Jackson3424d ago

Could be a lot of fun. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

I love terrible generic comments, for the sake of "agrees".