Fumito Ueda Talks Trico

Although it was surrounded by two hours worth of major announcements and unveilings, the trailer for Team Ico's first PS3 project, The Last Guardian was, for many, the highlight of Sony's E3 press conference yesterday. In fact, we're sure many have been watching the trailer over and over non-stop since the conference.

Well hit the pause button! IGN has some actual details on the game thanks to a lengthy Famitsu interview with director Fumito Ueda.

First, some naming issues. The game that eventually came to be known as The Last Guardian has been referred to by fans for some time now as "Trico," as it's the third project from the team that gained world attention with ICO on the PS2. You might also start hearing about the game by another name: "Hito Kui no Oowashi Toriko." That's the official Japanese name, as listed in Famitsu. It literally translates to "The Giant Man-Eating Eagle Toriko." More on the word "Toriko" in just a bit.

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Trey4Lyfe3422d ago

Who else could head the creative geniuses at Team ICO?

Freak of Nature3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Who else could head the creative geniuses at Team ICO?

Keep things as they are,he is a mastermind...

This is beyond a game,it is an event!

3422d ago
UnwanteDreamz3422d ago

Man I'm ready for this game but I can wait for something truly original to play. I love KZ2 and MW2 is cool but I need something creative to play. Games like this are really why I chose PS3 over the other guys.

jcgamer3422d ago

I already get goosebumps from the trailer...masterpiece in the making...

rockleex3422d ago

Best title ever!!! :P

Anyways, the BBC guy has confirmed that this game was the game he saw years ago. ^_^

boodybandit3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I don't think I blinked once.
I never played ICO or SOC but this game is an absolute must buy for me day 1. I don't think there is a word to describe what I saw in that trailer. All I know is I fell into a state of tranquility while watching it.

Blu Ray33422d ago

so overwhelmed.

This game will be the ultimate this gen.

Hands down.
If this don't sell a butt load of Ps3s,
it will hair lip the pope.

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Antan3422d ago

"For this third project, Team ICO is making use of some advanced technology. Different from their past titles, they're using real physics. As an example of this, Ueda made note of a scene where the creature eats a barrel. This is not done with motion capture, but with actual physical calculations involving the barrel and the creature's mouth."

Its all in the details. Top drawer!

eyeDEVOUR3422d ago

my most anticipated game....

eagle213422d ago

I am in complete awe by this game. This reminds why I'm a proud gamer. :)

pippoppow3422d ago

This along with Heavy Rain are my most wanted. The vids released for both games look amazing. Nice to see Devs pushing the envelope from time to time.

_Q_3422d ago

Ueda has made some awesome games. I have no doubts this will be equally as great.

moeqawama3422d ago

would everyone stop calling this damn game trico?

Freak of Nature3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Did you read the last sentence in the article....?

"He did not mention that the word can also be transcribed as "Trico." Yes, it appears that we've known the name of Team ICO's newest project for some time now."

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