E3 2009: Peter Molyneux Plans Personal Announcement at Lionhead's Presentation Tonight

Peter Molyneux has revealed on his twitter that he'll be making a personal announcement during Lionhead's presentation at E3 tonight.

"Just off to the show now, ready for the announcement, its not to do with any project but rather more to do with me" said Molyneux.

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hazardman3424d ago

Is he jumping ship(PS3)???

Arnon3424d ago

Lionhead Studios is a first party developer of Microsoft. You think he's really gonna ditch his team that he's been with for like 20 years?

SuperM3424d ago

He will leave lionhead and join former Lionhead members in Media Molecule

bob saget remix3424d ago

Mainly because hes doing a personal annoncement.

Jockamo3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

He's putting himself into the game with Milo to be with him FOREVER...

rawd3424d ago

Coming out of the closet

DelbertGrady3424d ago

Molyneux is french for 'pathological liar'.

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The story is too old to be commented.