Kojima not directing Rising, only Peace Walker

Hideo Kojima has explained that he will not be directing development of Metal Gear Solid Rising, but will instead concentrate on the newly announced PSP game.

This year's E3 conference brought the announcement of two Metal Gear Solid games; Metal Gear Solid Rising, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The former will star Raiden as its main protagonist and is in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (as confirmed by Famitsu magazine) and the latter will star Snake and is in development for the PSP.

The series' creator, Hideo Kojima, has explained in a Famitsu interview that he's actually only fully involved with the PSP game.

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Fulensenca4196d ago

not a good start for this Rising

hay4196d ago

Ever played Portable Ops or Ac!d?

WildArmed4196d ago

sooo I wont preorder it till i see some gameplay n reviews then :/

arika4196d ago

well there you have it fanboys straight from the main man himself. which would you choose a spin off or the real deal? but if you ask me i'll definitely go for the sure win which is metal gear: peace maker.

eelnats20004196d ago

for a while there, the 360 fanboys were so happy.


Game13a13y4196d ago

oh boy, that really did suck for the 360 fans who want to experience MGS in its glory....

SL1M DADDY4196d ago

He looked like my kid did when he was constipated. It is wide known that a project developed for the sole purpose of making money and contains no soul is a cash cow. Konami knows that this will sell and with Kojima not at the heart of it, the game will be devoid of any soul. It might be an ok game but the only thing MGS about it is the title.

Dir_en_grey4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Why do people put down this game just because it's on 360? It's still on the PS3 btw.

The game still needs Kojima's stamp of approval even if he's not working on it, so I don't think he'll slap his name on some crap.

I dunno about you guys but after seening those action scenes of Raiden in MGS4 I immediately hopped for a Metal Gear Raiden action game. I wish nothing but the best for this game cuz the idea is great and I really want to play it.

Kojima did say in the past that he will hand off MGS to Kojima Productions "IF" the game stayed w/ the gameplay of sneaking... So I dunno why they still kept the name MGS, should've just gone w/ Metal Gear Raiden or something and remove Solid if this is going to be an action game.

Really really wish Peace Walker was on PS3 though T_T
Probably contracted to do it on that to push PSP Go.
Crossing my fingers and hope in today's Konami conference they will announce something else by Kojima that's Next Gen.

resistance1004196d ago

@Dir_en_grey- The story of PW isn't big enough to make it into a PS3 game.

Megaton4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

I think Konami dragged him into doing this. He sounded much more enthusiastic about Peace Walker. Even went as far as to say he and his MGS4 team are extremely invested in the title, and that it's the only true next installment in the MGS franchise, not some spin-off. Basically, he shat all over Rising in terms of whether or not it'll be quality Kojima MGS action.

raztad4196d ago

It's too early for a new major iteration of MGS. Let's give Kojima a good time to improve the engine, write an awesome script, refine (if possible) the gameplay. Dont be in such a hurry. MGS: PW is a very good addition to the series, lets enjoy it.

IdleLeeSiuLung4196d ago

Straight from the horses mouth. That's a bummer, but many series have evolved without the original creator and done well. I will judge it when it comes out.

If anything, this also indicates any new MGS games after Rising will also be multi-platform for the two leading HD consoles.

Dir_en_grey4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

I completely disagree. Kojima has emphasized several times, on yesterday's stage (I wish the translator translated more completely) and also in the Japanese magazine scans that Peace Walker's story is a full scaled MGS story, good enough to be MGS5.

Kojima really put the emphasis on that Peace Walker is a true sequel.

cherrypie4196d ago

Oh, jesus.

Kojima's own company is making MGSR -- calling it MGS5. He's PRODUCING it.

So, what do the SDF say "OMG! The Xbox 360 MGS is gonna suck!"


However, Sakaguchi-san leaves SE totally, and they dont care "FFXIII is awesome!", then when Xbox 360 support is announced; "Who cares! Its all about FFXIII Versus!".

Now, SE renames FFXIII Versus to become FFIV Online - and they seem to forget that this was announced at E3 2006!

How predictable, and how sad. The desperation just _oozes_ around here.

Struz4196d ago

I'm pretty sure that dir_en_gray is right. Sony just wants to push the PSP as hard as it can right now and what better franchise to do that with than MGS.

PirateThom4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Rising isn't MGS5, it's a spin-off.

The only people who consider it MGS5 are, honestly, idiots.

Kojima already made sure everyone knew where the true cannonical game was and it's on PSP.

Rising is Kojima Production's B-Team. The main team, the MGS4 team, are working on the proper Metal Gear Solid.

Sarcasm4196d ago

I'm pretty sure the MGS4 team is working on MGS5. They just aren't announcing it until next year since it's too early to announce a new full fledged MGS.

MGS:Rising is the "Western styled" game.

And what's hilarious, is 360 fans won't have a clue on the MGS story, seeing as how they "hate 5 hour cutscenes" and watching a "movie."

Oh the Irony OOOZES from cherrypie's anus.

Rai4196d ago


portable ops was kojima directed.

ultimolu4196d ago

I still have hopes the game will be good though. Any game with Raiden is a plus from me.

himdeel4196d ago

...if they are going to use the Ninja Gaiden engine for this game or if they will use something different.

TheTwelve4196d ago

This is very simply Konami looking to cash in. At least, so far, it appears that Kojima has kept his integrity.


SL1M DADDY4196d ago

Yeah, and when Kojima states he will NOT be directing MGS:R, you can bet that it will in no way be truly representative of the MGS Sony fans have come to love. Konami sees a cash cow in this spin off from the MGS franchise and that cash cow will be hand fed by you and those like you.

I have both consoles and to be honest, after hearing that he will not have direction in this title, I am not as interested in it as I would be for a true MGS sequel. To love MGS is to love the mind of Kojima. Any true fan of the series will tell you that.

Dir_en_grey4196d ago

MGG5 IS being worked on, at least being concepted.
Read from a Japanese scan saying that Raiden is the main character in MGS Rising, and he will also be the main character in MGS5.

Nothing else was mentioned about MGS5 besides that so no idea who is working on it...

Anyway, I LOVE Metal Gear, in the future no matter who's gonna be working on it I just wish nothing but the best for the series.

GameGambits4196d ago

2 things.

1) @ Akira. It's Peace Walker not Peace Maker. For someone acting like you care about the MGS franchise at all you seem to not even know the name of the games...

2) I'm not excited that much for either. Neither seems to have what I wanted...another Metal Gear game for PS3-only on PS3, using update MGS4 engine. I am just baffled by how big the check for Rising had to have been if Kojima isn't even backing the project up at ALL and yet shows up on Microsofts stage. The whole situation seems shady from both Kojima and Microsoft...

Oh, and who caught yesterday on G4TV Olivia Dumb dumb Munn saying over a dozen times, "Oh awesome 360 gets Metal Gear Solid 4 finally." Seriously she said it over and over and over, and I was confused why no one near her didn't slap her upside the head to say ITS NOT MGS4 RETARD! She's lucky she's hot otherwise Attack of the Show would really have very little viewers...

Sarcasm4196d ago

"To love MGS is to love the mind of Kojima. Any true fan of the series will tell you that. "

True. Being a fan since MGS1, I have all the main MGS games. Heck, i even have the gamecube MGS: Twin Snakes (though it's not all kojima's vision, the story and core part is still MGS1).

I will be buying MGS:Rising anyway since I'm an insane fan of MGS4.

But, I agree that the soul behind MGS games is from Kojima. And MGS:Rising could be good, but might not have that last touch.

One thing's for sure is that the PSP has been revitalized. People believed GoW:COO was the last great PSP game. But it's been proven wrong since MGS:PW is now inbound. Cant wait for that one.

AAACE54196d ago

You Ps3 fanboys are right! MGS Rising is gonna suck so bad that you will buy it when it comes out for Ps3 and somehow it will be magically better!

To me it sounds like you guys are just doing damage control! Raiden is the future of the MGS franchise. The Psp game will be a trip back into the past. You can try to play it off all you want, but the fact that you fanboys kept claiming that a MGS game would never make it to the 360, yet, here we are... and you guys are mad!

It's OK! Look at it this way... you get to keep LBP! I promise MS will not try to take that one from you. I don't even think they will release that Kudo/Kodu (whatever) game either.

Marceles4196d ago

Masahiro Yamamoto directed Portable Ops, Kojima was producer though

Disccordia4196d ago

FF14 is not FFv13 renamed, they are completely different games being designed by totally different people.

pixelsword4196d ago

so that should tell you where Rising stands.

leyego4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

@AAACE5 what do u call mgs2 huh?

fix ur statement, ps3 fans said u'd never get MGS4 and u havent, and wont ever get it. that statement still holds true.

@cherrypie first of all its FFXIV not FFIV, 2nd ps3 still gets FFvXIII and xbox aint, 3rd ps3 gets ANOTHER FF game which the xbox wont see for some time, and 4th stop being a sour puss ur just a pissed gamer who'll find any excuse to bash sony otherwise u wouldn't care enough to post a comment.

Bzone244196d ago

Wow, that really sucks because there has never in the history of the world been a game worth playing that hasn't been directed by kojima. /sarc

lonestarmt4196d ago

gosh dang you were wrong on so many levels.

First of MGS rising is not MGS5. When it was announced and people blindly thought it was a 360 only game all MGS PS3 only fans were bummed. Then they find out that kojima is actually working on another MGS game and a true sequel to MGS in fact one to MGS3 and is not only directing it but writing it, and has very little involvement in rising. Of course MGS fans will want PW over Rising. No fanboys biased here. IF they make a sequel to the dark knight or iron man, but its not written or directed by the same people who did it, wouldn't you be skeptical?

and second dude WTH Versus isn't FF14. Its a totally new game. VS is still coming out only on the ps3 and so is agito on the psp. Seriously stay off the hoochie.

Whats messed up is that Square is even thinking about FF14 when they haven't even finished FF13.

40cal4196d ago

I have been a huge fan of the Metal Gear saga for 22 years! So Metal
! cardboard box !
Gear Rising will make its way to my PS3 and Metal Gear Peace Walker will make its way to my PSP.

I obviously would like to see Kojima play a huge roll in all of the Metal Gear games, but because he is not directing Rising dose not mean that I am not going to support the project, after all it is coming from Kojima Productions and using the Solid 4 engine (I think). Just as long as its not a AC!D game ( the only Metal Gear games I did not enjoy ) I'm happy.

And where the hell is the second digital graphic novel for the PSP? I need this to come out stateside.

dachiefsman4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

wow these posts are amazing. Most of these posts are talking down of rising since Kojima is only producing....SO WHAT???

Its still being made by his development company which puts out damn good, quality games. It's also in the MGS universe.

If Rising would have been PS3 exclusive with Kojima having a limited role, you would of drooled over it.

leyego4196d ago

SE doesn't have only one team working on the FF titles.
just look at ff13 and ffv13, i bet if they wanted to they could make 3 or 4 ff# games at the same time.
SE aint the small company it used to be.

ff14 is made by the online team, the team that made ff11.
13 and 14 are still coming out in 2010.

btw why are we even mentioning FF in a MGS post?

boodybandit4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Maybe you should change your name to lemonpie because you sound awfully bitter.

Back on Topic
Kojima Studios + Raiden = must buy for me on the PS3.
I already have enough achievement points. Now I'm a trophy whore ;)

lonestarmt4196d ago

look no one is saying its going to suck. Its just goes from a must have and a masterpiece like MSG1-4, to just a good game rated prob around 8.0 to 8.5. Nothing wrong with that, but its not something to say ooo haha looks like you should have a 360 now just based off this one game.

Whats funny is the 360 only fans acting so ga-ga over it when they still don't have MSG4 and its not a true sequel. You know they would do the same if something happened with mass effect or gears of war. lol

Why o why4196d ago

please read just a fraction of these comments....2 wrongs dont make a right and all that but there was no humility shown by a large proportion of the gloaters. Please consider

cmrbe4196d ago

will be a different game from what MGS fans are use to. It could be a good thing. I believe Konami is just trying to expand the MGS fanbase with this game which is good.lets wait and see for more information.

However those that are expecting another MGS epic better wait for the next iteration.

I am getting both games.

Dark General4196d ago

And everyone remains happy except for people like me who just want Kojima to make a new IP or a next Gen Snatcher remake.

RememberThe3574196d ago

What if I want both?

Just because Kojima himself is not working on Rising directly doesn't mean the game is going to suck.

This is still Kojima Productions we're talking about. He's not going to surround himself with people who don;t know what they're doing.

Rising is going to be no slouch.

4Sh0w4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Does anybody read? He also said this:

"Nonetheless, Metal Gear Solid Rising is still described by Kojima-san as the "next generation Metal Gear Solid 5."

and last time I checked Kojima Productions only made quality stuff or is that now un-true since they're working on 360 too, lol fanboys have NO shame.

40cal4196d ago

I think that your comment was meant for lonestarmt.

Keep my m/f name out your mouth. LOL J/K

dachiefsman4196d ago

You haven't even seen a screen shot of the game and you are prejudging it.

I have played and own most of the major installments of the Metal Gear series. I am also a fan of Gears, Mass Effect, and Halo. If these games came out for another system, big deal! It would be awesome to tell you the truth cause I get more of what I like.

Open your eyes and put your prejudices aside. You will enjoy life more.

4196d ago
y0haN4196d ago

Could still be good, I hope he at least has some input.

N4Flamers4196d ago

thanks I was thinking the same thing. People just dont freaking read. He is still producing it. I think both games will be good for the stories. I want to experience how raiden got that way, and I would like a continuation on the story after snake eater. I was so scared of that game at first. No radar and I had to eat and kill animals to survive. After playing it though, it became my favorite.

Enigma_20994196d ago

From Wikipedia.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (2006: PlayStation Portable) – writer/original concept/executive producer*

Metal Gear Acid (2004: PlayStation Portable) – producer*

Metal Gear Acid 2 (2005: PlayStation Portable) – producer*

... now shut up.

Megatron084196d ago

without Kojima this game might have a chance of not being complete crap

njr4196d ago

Kojima is basically saying this game is instant-fail without him directing it. He's even gone to say Peace Walker will be a true MGS game.

lonestarmt4196d ago

haha I enjoy life thank you very much. There is no prejudices here. Your right there is really nothing to go on to say its going to suck. There is also nothing here to say its awesome. There is only some small facts and info to go by. Kojima personal team is working on PW, which he is writing and directing himself. He is only producing Rising with some input. Which he did for metal gear acid which was totally different from MGS1-3 and not as good. So logical and common sense says that Rising is not going to be as good as it could be with Kojima. Now later when more info comes out it could be great and really worthy of a true MGS game, but thats yet to be seen, so for now the judgment seems fair to keep your expectations low. To think otherwise is just being baised. Which makes no sense because its going to be on 360 and PS3 so there really isn't reason for either side to dog on it toom much since their getting it anyway. lol

whats really funny to me is when MGS4 came out 360 fans said it was boring slow, and had no gameplay and it was just a long movie. So why are they getting so exicted over a MGS game now on the 360? haha. Truth is they were jealous and just making excuses. Just like PS3 only owners would like to play bioshock, mass effect, or tales of vesperia.

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Biggunz4196d ago

I thought it was telling when Kojima said Metal Gear Solid Rising was nothing more then a spinoff and not a true MGS.

N4Flamers4196d ago

kojima never said that. Replay the footage, what he says is that MGS PW is not just a spinoff. Most people that cannot understand the subtleties of spech cannot tell the difference.

Kojima actually says that MGSR is the new age MGS5.


u people look for anything to discredit this multiplatform game..i dont blame u i blame the fanyboyism in u...but i doubt this game will be as good as 4

I did not murder him4196d ago

When did Konami announce this for PS3? anyways that might be a good thing it might have a more western action quality to it. This could be the MGS people are waiting for.

Trey4Lyfe4196d ago

Jack Tretton told Geoff Keighley that MGS Rising is ABSOLUTELY coming to the PS3

Troll harder next time pls

Fulensenca4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

A Metal Gear Solid without Kojima?
Multiplatform never helps, the proof: most of the greatest games ever are exclusive.

But the point is that seems that Kojima don' t believe in this game, it seems that he don' t want to get involved in any aspect of Rising.

I' m not saying that Rising will be crap for sure, but I have my doubts that it will be as good as the others MGS are.
And, IMHO, everyone should have at least a little doubt ( this works just if you played the saga ).

For me it' s enough. ( maybe you didn' t play Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots )

EDIT: @ hay: MGS portbale ops, yes, great game ( a little hard to get used with the controls, though ). Ah, I see, you' re right, Kojima didn' t direct MPO.
But do you really think that MGS serie doesn' t -usually- need Kojima?
If Konami does not need Kojima, what are they paying him for?
No one is good as Kojima, Hideo = garantee.
And MPO was an exclusive title ( you know, it ever helps ).

Mainman4196d ago

Lightning Bolt Action? My expectation isnt high for Rising.

I am a big MGS fan and I will pick Rising up the day it releases, but I dont expect it to outdo MGS4 for 2 reasons.

1. Kojima isnt working on it, so it might not have the Kojima feel to it. However, I hope the guys working on Rising know and understand Kojima's philosophy and hopefully it will have the 'atmosphere' and quality that Kojima games always have.

2. It is multi-platform. Lets face it guys, exclusive games are better than multi-platform games.

WildArmed4196d ago

.... @ did not murder him
thats like says Gears of war will be better if Epic didnt make it.
Do even even think b4 u fuking write?

bjornbear4196d ago

Damn i wish there was a Report option for "Wrong"

ultimolu4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

It's coming for the PS3, now stop crying. -_-

It would be financial suicide on Konami's part to make this 360 exclusive when some 360 fans may not know about the story behind Metal Gear Solid.

We all know what happened with the Metal Gear game on the original XBox, right?

Their goal must be to generate more profit. They won't do that with an exclusive, where some people may not know what the hell is going on.

Pennywise4196d ago

I did not murder him is living in a dream world. No way will this game be MGS4 quality without Kojima and getting downgraded by DVD and do you really think konami or Kojima would put out a MGS game and not release it on the platform that sold almost 5mil copies of the last installment. I know you like to be very bias and against the grain.... but come on. Use a little common sense. It will go a long way.

Sarcasm4196d ago

"This could be the MGS people are waiting for. "

That's the stupidest thing I've heard all day.

The MGS people are waiting for? No. The MGS people are waiting for is all you 360 fanboys waiting for MGS4 for the past 2 years.

darthv724196d ago

"thats like says Gears of war will be better if Epic didnt make it. "

Some games have had sequels not made by the original creator and gone on to become big franchises. Will Rising be one of them.....? We will know when the end product comes out. For now I reserve judgement on it until then.

Respect to Kojima and his "whole" production team for continuing the metal gear franchise with or without solid snake.

darthv724196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

@ulti: You make it seem as if those who play 360 may have never played the PS1 (or NES & MSX) original.

@penny: We know nothing about this game. Speculation here: it could be the beginning of the back story of Raiden's "rise" to fame in the series. I personally like spin offs provided there is some type of connection to the original series.

Blue shift and opposing force were both great spin offs to half life. Crossing paths with the original game but remaining true to their independence.

All I say is no need to degrade something because it isnt being made by the originator. God of war is great. GoW2 is better and GoW3 will be more so. Jaffe started it but it was kept going by the creative sense of others who offered new ideas.

ultimolu4196d ago

darth, I said *some*, not all.
Please read.

kewlkat0074196d ago

when you get MA2 for your

darthv724196d ago

My bad even though I chose not sound limiting in my statement as well (some, all, only, etc).

As this is a spin off then it shouldnt hurt to not have played any of the former as this one would be centered around Raiden. It would probably serve to entice others to explore the other games in the MGS universe (as you say) who may not know the series.

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Trey4Lyfe4196d ago

and Kojima would rather spend his time on the PSP crafting a TRUE Hideo Kojima Game

Peace Walker will be a Masterpiece

eagle214196d ago

You said it all correct.