Opinion: Can Zune survive?

Since its unremarkable launch in November, the Zune has failed to capture significant market share in the MP3 player arena. It has managed to hang around, though, partly because competition around it has been stale. With the long-awaited move of digital rights management (DRM)-free music to iTunes, however, Microsoft has fallen even more behind the curve.

Aside from the Microsoft fanatics and the impulsive early adopters, the Zune has failed to make any demographic shout out loud in support of the device. That's highly different from what Apple can say about the iPod, which has hordes of loyal devotees.

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BIadestarX4272d ago

Kind of stupid for anyone to think that a new product; comming from a company without a history of hardware manufacturing, the strong name brand of ipod would just take the market in just a few months.
Yeah, that's what they said about the original xbox and look what the 360 is. One can only imagine how much market share the next xbox will have. I think this product is doing very well compare to other MP3 players. Besides, if one remove all the muble jumble talk and marketting crap to put down the Zune. It kiss the IPod in term of functionality and value any day of the week. Also, it does not have to be 1st if the manage to be 2nd in the industry they will be just fine.

Bigmac5734272d ago

but the wealth of Ipod users is just too much for Microsoft. When people think about MP3 players, the first thing they think of is "Ipod". Hell, my dad is completely incapable of using anything technical, but he knows how to use an Ipod.

ASSASSYN 36o4272d ago

I agree with you on that one. I love my zune and plan to intergrate it into my car so I don`t need cd`s. But as you said everyone love ipods.

omansteveo4272d ago

Ive got one and i like it a lot. I dont expect Ms to become MP3 king in the near future but i think if they stick with it they're on the right track. The inclusion of firmware updates are what swayed me in favor of getting one bc i didnt wanna have to buy a new mp3 player every time a new feature comes out(ipod). So to answer the question can it survive? Yeah i think so but i think we should ask are self is will it ever be significant competition

FeralPhoenix4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

The iPod brand is almost synomous with the MP3 market, so why would anyone expect M$ to beat them? The Zune is doing well in its own right....but its definitely a "iPod market" even though IMO opinion there are better, cheaper MP3 players available and I'm not specifically referring to the Zune. M$ doesn't need to "win" or take a significant market share from iPod, whats wrong with just having a good product available for consumers who like what it has to offer, there are many companies/brands that have survived along time without being #1 in any one market they compete in, much less competing in several markets.

HokieFan4272d ago

I can't imagine a more difficult market to penetrate...the Ipod is a household name now. They used to be Mp3 players, now they're ALL called Ipods...regardless of who made them. If someone asked what a Zune is, I would guess your explanation would be that it's "like an Ipod" and everyone would know what you're talking about.

Of course, if there was any company out there that could compete with Apple it would be MS. They can tie everything into Windows and automatically be in 80% of home computers. They've been able to slowly chip away at the Playstation market share, I don't see why they can't do the same with the Ipod. They certainly have a long road ahead of them though.

r10004272d ago

Kind of disagree... I don't think MS is a close at all...

I think Apple's (Ipod) closest competitor is Creative.... Their MP3's offer a whole lot more with less of price tag...

It's true to say that non tech people hear mp3 player and just think Ipod, but thats the problem.. if they researched they would find a whole lot value for their money.

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The story is too old to be commented.