The End of Xbox Originals

The run of Xbox 1 games available for download is soon to be no more.

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Forrest Gump3429d ago

Sad,but they probably weren't selling at all.

Tito Jackson3429d ago

They would stop people from DL'ing them?
Even if they arent selling, it not like they are sitting in some huge warehouse, taking up space. They are stored digitally.

Serg3429d ago

Because the majority of Xbox owners have a 12 GB HDD or even no HDD at all, and those were DVD games, no space left after 2 games max.

i3eyond the Circle3429d ago

Well at least they are replacing it with FullXbox360 games.

Wasn't interested in any of the Xbox Originals.


it didn't make sense, not with their pricing. most old xbox game you can get for less then a £5. i picked up Otogi for £2.99. only problem it's not back compatible. Good job i still have my old xbox 1.

but i can't imagine lots of people going into the old catalogue of games anyway.