Sony's motion for early-2010, Microsoft's later

Gamezine: You've seen both of the new motion sensing technology from this year's E3, but when will we get our hands on the products?

Sony has put the gauntlet down, claiming that their light-stick addition to the PSEye will be available in the spring of 2010 with supporting software.

However, Microsoft's Project Natal doesn't sound like it's coming to gamers any time soon.

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3423d ago

I think Natal will be out sooner than we think. They have already started shipping Natal dev kits to 3rd party developers WW.

techie3423d ago

And Sony have shipped theirs. But you're right, maybe Microsoft just don't want to make promises just yet.

I did not murder him3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

This was later announced as only coming to the 360 after this news was posted in march probably because of Sony coming out with a stick. I can't find the article but I'll look for it.

JokesOnYou3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

besides Natal was already demoing a Live presentation of some basic games so I'm sure micro will have something playable by next year, the Natal Project looks like it costs a fortune I can't believe micro will sit on it. Natal was more of a evolution of motion controls, face, voice recognition and will likely be a big part of games in the future, ps3 motion seem to just improvement over the wii controls.


UnwanteDreamz3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

So this white controler is natal? That is what your article is talking about.

You guys are really funny. MS shows off Natal and it is a combo of existing tech and all the kids go crazy. How are you going to play a game with 15 or 20 commands? How are you going to game standing up and still put in serious time? I will say this and I dont care how many disagree because time will prove me right.

Natal will not be used for real games. This is casual stuff with a nice interface. How long are you going to stand there jumping in a skatebord game before you sit down and grab a control? How long can you really hold your arms up in the air while playing a FPS? Why dont you hold your arms in front of you right now and see how long it takes before you want to drop them.

Chris3993423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

The 360 is a nice machine, with a 4 year old processor and 512 megs of RAM. Don't be fanboyish here the PS3 is basically in the same boat, leave d*ck measuring out of this and focus on facts.

As far as Natal, nothing that we saw was working in a real-time environment, not even the Molyneux demo. I think that the tech is amazing, but I don't see it in this generation of consoles. I expect them to announce it with the 720 or something. It would make more sense too, as it would be truly "generational" tech. They could market it brilliantly with a new console.

Foliage3423d ago

Natal is already out on the PS3, but under a different name. The Playstation Eye.

Seriously Microsoft, stop announcing old tech from other developers as if it is new. You're still years behind the competition. The delay and lack of precision in Natal, and also the lack of buttons makes it useless for REAL games.

techie3423d ago

Lets get this straight: Natal is NOT old tech and it is NOT the PSEye.

The PSEye was first rumoured to feature 3D capture, but Sony backed on that and released a 2D capture camera.

Natal is 3D and can also capture in bad light conditions. This is the key. The microphone isn't particularily special - the PSEye's is just as good...but the former two are very important.

Still...the PSEye can do almost as much as Natal...and with the light scensors it can arguably do more.

Tony P3423d ago

I don't care who has better or comes out sooner so long as I'm not playing 'Beachball Fun' on all of them.

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i3eyond the Circle3423d ago

Market right Sony.

Even tho the marketing of Natal may overwhelm and outperform Ps3Motion sticks you still need to market to at least lessen the impact Natal will have.

If they treat the Motion Controller like they treated the PsEye then all is lost.

You need to give more reasons for people to want to buy a PsEye and these motion controllers.

Natal holds down more fronts for if a person doesn't give a frap about playing games Natal can make your 360 a voice recognizer and fully hands free navigational system. Just 1 large step in media simplicity.

Instant On 1080pHD movies and Hands Free Navigation would make any family or movie junkie embrace the box of Orville Redenbachers.

UnwanteDreamz3423d ago

Just proved my point. Natal is a great way to interface with your system but for hardcore games? Please you gonna play Bioshock 2 for 4 hrs straight? Not with your arms in the air you wont.

techie3422d ago

Could play it with voice activation though...or it could automatically pause if you leave the room. Or characters could greet or taunt you by name when they recognise your face...or if someone else walks in the room, they can say "so you've brought back up"... etc


FunAndGun3423d ago

I swear, this Natal is the PSEye all over again. I agree the potential is there, but there are some hardware issues. I remember watching the PSEye promo video and it claimed to do many of the things that Natal is now showing.

Just like PSEye, Natal will run into the problems dealing with button imput. There NEEDS to be some kind of controller with a d-pad, analog stick or button combo to allow for movement of your gaming character. Also, something physical in your hands helps immerse you into the experience instead of holding onto a steering wheel made of air.

Just like the PSEye, Natal will have the problem of the lighting in the room. There needs to be a lot of light in the room for camera only recognition to work. If you plan on gaming at night, you will have to have ALL the lights on to play anything. I know it says "low light" reading, but it will not be as low light as you think...just like ANY other camera/video recorder.

Sony realized these issues and knows that a camera ONLY setup will not be good enough for motion controls in "hardcore" games. That is why they developed the pink dildo waggle. It is something to hold, you can imput button commands, movement commands, The light on the top of the controller means the camera can still recognize your movements perfectly; even in low light/no light situations. There is also no lag on imput.

I'm telling you, MS is at the same point Sony was with the PSEye. I agree Natals camera is more advanced, but that is not going to help with these problems. Why do you think Sony basically stopped suporting the PSEye for now? because it was limited with what it could do. Creature Feature, Trials of Topaq, Aquatopia, and the other Eye games/apps was research. With the new dildo controller, those problems are eliminated and what was shown in the original PSEye promo video can now be realized.

I think it is GREAT that both companies are trying to out-do eachother with new tech and I look forward to what they both have in store for the future because neither is going anywhere anytime soon.

techie3423d ago

It has yes, low light actually means lowlight.

MajesticBeast3422d ago

This says it all for natal cant even handle a person turning.