E3: New Global Agenda Content Released

IncGamers reports that Hi-Rez Studios revealed new content at E3 today for its upcoming action MMO, Global Agenda.

Fans lined up to try out new character creation, co-op PvE missions and some PvP. The inception mission on show at the convention gives players a glimpse of the back story for the game.

Screenshots of the new content can be seen at Incgamers.

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Maticus3422d ago

This game has a lot of potential

Dorjan3422d ago

Co-op PvE, didn't know there were any other form of it?

Leord3422d ago

Well, there is single player PvE :)

Cogo3422d ago

I think the idea is to have multiplayer in an online game though...

bengal3422d ago

Stoked for this one, I'm looking forward to cooperating with other squads not even in the same area to complete objectives. They talked about that in one of the developer interviews. GAMC