PS3 Informer: InFamous Review

PS3 Informer writes: "When I first caught wind of this game I had mixed emotions: the game seemed to be built around an intriguing concept, but how would the developers at Sucker Punch deliver it? Would it end up a poor concoction of GTA and Crackdown with some electricity mixed in? Then the fateful launch day arrived and on first contact with this game, one notices the Comic-esque stylised Storyboard which works very well. InFamous is a game with its roots firmly in the comic superhero genre: great strong images with some exceptional voice acting along with your own interpretation of each image offer a great transition from tale to tale."

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Dipso3429d ago

Loving this game even more than I expected..has almost a Symphony of the Night feel to it, one more level one more power addictiveness and superbly tight controls that turn potentially boring exploration into an absolute joy.