E3: Punch Jump Hands-on: King of Fighters XII

SNK Playmore Co.'s King of Fighters XII for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 is a fine bout in an initial E3 play test.

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Rockxy3786d ago

I had enough of this crap! The characters look like drunks fighting in front of a gay bar.

Sty3786d ago

I would buy it day one. I just don't see me buying it on bluray... I don't know why... It looks so freaking cool... Maybe because of Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix...

bigjclassic3786d ago

I read that they shortened the roster.

GameGambits3786d ago

The reason the roster is smaller than previous KoF games is that KoF must by now have well over 50+ characters throughout its run. For this one they are completely redrawing, and redoing EVERY character. So when it comes to balance, and development time to create it, you are talking about years that they can't afford.

Idk if you follow this company enough, but they have been close to having to shut down their studio more than once due to lack of funds and such. I really imagine KoF 12 is a last chance to make enough cash to keep going forward as a company. I mean if this can't make them money after going back to the drawing board(no pun intended), then they are boinked.

I for one am buying this day 1 on my PS3 to keep some bills in their pockets. :)

Information Minister3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Do you have any idea how hard it is to create HD artwork for a single character, let alone 20? Why do you think SFIV is in 3D? SFII TURBO HD remix is in 2D, but the animation is just as rough as it was 15 years ago and they didn't add any new frames.

I think this game looks awesome and I'll be getting it day one! Terry Bogard pwns!!!

Baka-akaB3786d ago

I'm glad they cut down the roster . The obvious balances issues are probably only the second reason , the first being the time and cost so far to redraw everything .
They basically did what capcom did with sf2hd and sf4 , only in a bigger and more difficult scope .

Besides , imo , most of the new character after 99 have been crap , except the one they kept here .

Of course i'll miss some characters , especially yamazaki , my main one over the years .

But i aint fooling myself , in dlc or sequels , the whole cast will progressively be back in parts or totality .
Rebooting such a franchise with 50 or so character then adding them periodically s far too juicy to pass .

Baka-akaB3786d ago

It would hurt , especially in this economy , but i wouldnt worry about SNk . They have been dead before (and still were quality wise imo till KOFXI) .

They kept saying they pumped up crap like Millenium Impact (yes the 3d one) , and some other games , to finance projects like KofXII .

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neogeo3786d ago

one of the best games ever made, cant wait!

1111113786d ago

Looking forward to this title. And i really wish more companies had the balls to create 2d graphics in this day and age. I mean come on, we all enjoy beautifully drawn and animated visuals.

SSJSubgeta3786d ago

I agree completely, I do hope this is a Digital Download format, that way they can up the roster if needed, add more stages and such. I am a bit bummed at the character selection, but here's to hoping that it expands.