New Borderlands Screenshots!

New screenshots have been released for the up and coming Borderlands. In game screenshots look great Cel-shaded.

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Doppy3426d ago

Some screens look amazing, so are ok. Hopefully the game turns out well. This was one of the game I was interested in several E3's ago.

TheProfessional3426d ago

Cel-shading this game was a terrible mistake.

matthewsvaughan3426d ago

unfortunatly, I have to agree with you on that. cel-shading worked great for zelda, but i have a bad feeling that it wont cut it for borderlands. But, if you can get over the cel-shading this game is going to rock with all of it's features, like weapons, and cars.

fooflex3426d ago

Cel shading means it's pure color with no texture, but these characters have loads of textures, and ink lines which really makes it look like a comic book and not a cartoon. I got some people just want every game to look the same with realistic graphics, but personally I could use something more vivid and fresh. before it looked boring, like a generic version of fallout3 this is definitely more interesting, and it's not kiddy, it has this gritty comic book style, I don't know why more people won't give it a chance, I really want a video, I was hoping for a long gameplay video by now.