UMD 'never really got going', says Team 17

Team 17 Studio Head Martyn Brown has praised Sony's newest PSP console, adding that the platform holder has made a wise move in embracing digital distribution as opposed to UMDs.

"I think it's fair to say that the UMD as a media format never really got going," he said, "and I think it's clever for Sony to embrace digital distribution."

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Forrest Gump3422d ago

I think we can all agree on this,the PsP Go was an excellent decision.

TheTwelve3421d ago

Sony's successes and failures are well documented---and UMD was a failure. So yes, I agree with you.


njr3421d ago

UMD was meant to be proprietary anyway, but that didn't prevent piracy. However, this is a step in the right direction. Now we will get to see smaller games developed for cheap prices online.

Tito Jackson3421d ago

I cant COUNT how many times I have heard that on this Site.
And I never believed it, but I started to. :(
I guess thats what I get for listening to a bunch of 15yr old experts, lol.

Black Maverick3421d ago

The argument was Direct Download will never work for huge next-gen console games that are between 9GB to 30GB+ of data. (At least not with today's broadband technology)

We're talking about smaller games for a handheld.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

What I find ironic is that the PSP offers digital downloads as well physical media but this is never mentioned with the DSi. Nintendo forces the handheld buyers to physical media but Sony offers users a choice, a big difference. When users have a choice one is going to dominate over the other but if Sony forced users toward one side, would the UMD have the negative attachment towards it today?

In my opinion one will never really terminate the other and will coexist because of one thing, not everyone will have internet or will want to connect to the internet just for some entertainment on their off days becoming more of a task than it should. The world population is said to be around 6,783,421,727 (in the billions, if every country was equal with technology) I don’t think servers can handle that much traffic; XBOX Live can barely handle the low millions.

Tito Jackson3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

and yet services like Steam, netflix, hulu, ect get more popular everyday.
and now the xbox is offering full size games to come directly to the console, via XBL.
I dont think it matter whether we are speaking about handhelds or consoles, the fact of the matter is--they were wrong. :)

@Someoneplays: low millions? so xbl is just MAXED OUT every night huh?

rockleex3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Sony has been offering full PS3 games for download on the PSN for years now.

GT5 Prologue
Burnout Paradise

Btw, the DD argument was based on Bluray quality movies. Not PSP sized games.

And if you don't see how unfeasible it is to download 50GB movies currently, then there's nothing else I can say to convince you otherwise.

Lets just say, if it was feasible enough right now, then there would be TONS of services offering Full HD 1080p uncompressed Bluray quality movies for download right now. And if it was feasible, millions of people would be downloading 50GB movies from those services each day.

Btw, Xbox Live's 1080p service will be compressed and low quality. For it to match Bluray's quality, their movies would have to be around 50GB... and I just don't see that happening. Not to mention, a 60GB hard drive for the 360 already costs $100.

Tito Jackson3420d ago

um no.
there have been a sh*t ton of areguements about DD in reference to games on this site. infact you should check black mavericks comment right under my previous. and i quote: "The argument was Direct Download will never work for huge next-gen console games that are between 9GB to 30GB+ of data. (At least not with today's broadband technology) ". So next time open your eyes(and read), before you open your mouth. :)

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TheMART3421d ago


Like I didn't knew that.... meh

hatchimatchi3421d ago

"like i didn't KNEW that"


Yea umd didn't "take off" but what did people think the umd would be used for besides a psp? I really doubt people were waiting in lines for an at home umd player.

Hows the zune going for ya?

1111113421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I may be a bit oldfashioned here, but isnt the difference between pirated games and purchased games for me is a proper cover, and a fancy storage medium?
I like to be able to hold something in my hands that i purchased.
Anyway, a bigger display would have been it; smart decisions there sony :p

hatchimatchi3421d ago

i agree completely with the satisfaction of being able to physically own something but in this case, a handheld, i don't mind having digital distribution. Now for my wii and ps3, i want all my games on disc.

Sayai jin3421d ago

Okay, so do you own more CD's or MP3's?

hatchimatchi3421d ago

The main thing i've been wondering is that because it's strictly digital distribution, are there going to be games that are available to download that otherwise wouldn't have fit on a umd?

I know sony isn't trying to divide the 2 systems (psp go/psp3000) but there has to be some exclusives eventually for the psp go, it makes sense to me.

Me personally, i can't wait for the psp go, i am definitely getting this thing the day it hits stores. In fact, i just checked amazon and it's available for pre-order. I'm gonna put mine down for pre-order either today or on my next payday. I'm not sure if amazon preorder charges you the full $250 immediately. Anyone know?

CRAIG6673421d ago

well amazon uk doesnt charge you untill they have or are dispaching said item

colossi163421d ago

I'm really considering getting this for GT PSP. With 16 gigs of memory it is a nice compliment to my PS3. So many awesome games.

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