Intel Quad Core Processors Coming Next Week

Word has reached that Intel's QX6800 processors will be released very soon. However they question the logic in the release as there is a current lack of competition from AMD and also because the power consumption could be close to 150W.

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DEIx15x84276d ago

Quad Core was already released on Intel's birthday. You can even go to and order one for immediate delivery.

Says you4276d ago

A Cell that people can use that has 8 cores if Sony Toshiba and IBM was making chips they would be fully loaded with money and would be even richer than Microsft combined well Sony is rich but I shouldnt compare Sony to Microsoft since there way two different companys.

Black Republican4276d ago

ooohhhh man you are an idiot...

Arkham4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Sorry, -1 for you because that sentence caused one of my synapses throw up just-a-little-bit.

I have a PS3 and a spicy Opteron-based PC, but I'm still going for one of these new Quad Cores.

artman4276d ago

ooh I want one~ I wonder how fast...