PSX Extreme Preview: Assassin's Creed II

PSX Extreme:
Sony's E3 press conference included plenty of big-name titles and several mouth-watering presentations, and one of them was Assassin's Creed II. Ubisoft was on hand to show off a gameplay presentation and not only were we sufficiently impressed, we combined it with previous information and concluded that ACII is gonna be a masterpiece. You will once again play as Desmond, the modern-age descendent of one of history's most effective assassins. However, as most of you already know, Altair is gone and you will step into the highly capable body of Ezio, who lives in Venice in 1486 and doesn't begin his quest as a highly sought-after assassin. Instead, he embarks on a mission of vengeance after his family becomes embroiled in a vicious conspiracy that is bound to echo across the ripples of time.

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