Crysis 2 is a big test for the PlayStation 3

PS3-Sense writes: " During an interview told Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli that the PlayStation 3 is a big test to test the maximum for the PlayStation 3.

After Electronic Art's E3 press conference, which confirmed that Crytek is working on a new Crysis game for consoles, Yerli confirmed that Crysis 2 during hardware tests on the PlayStation 3 achieved the most out of the PlayStation 3's hardware.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli: "The interesting thing is we did run a performance analysis on the PS3 devkit, and you know the funny thing is the occupation on all the CPUs, the Cell and the GPUs, is pretty much – the needle is at the limit,"

With the question of which gameconsole is better for the new game Crysis 2, he answered neutral, according to him both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli: "I mean essentially the game we run is about the same, "I mean The Game Essentially we run is about the same. Probably one's stronger on the GPU side, one's stronger on the CPU side, so depending on what you're doing where, the PS3 does perform here sometimes better, the 360 performs other things better, but overall by the time the game ships it'll be absolutely the same."

Hopefully we get as soon as possible the first footage of Crysis 2 and then we will see if the game can run on photo realistic images for the first time on the PlayStation 3."

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taco_tom2373428d ago

i cant wait for this game

BubbleSystemSuck3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

CRYTEK just doesnt know optimize the Cryengine 3 for the PS3...

This problem is because the architecture 360 and PC are similar... but different to PS3. And this engine es Multiplat

And Crytek doesnt even do a great optimization job with the Crysis 1 on PC....

Algullaf3428d ago

"Crysis 2 is a big test for the PlayStation 3"

go see gt5, uncharted 2, god 3,Kz2 or mag 256 online..
sony first party best looking games didnt max out the ps3, so multi plat engine will max the ps3 and look the same with 360 v. BULLLSH!T

let me tell this asshoole something the ps3 not only rsx+ppu it got 6 spu's more to use, killzone 2 engine developed only for the ps3 it ends best looking game better than pc crysis ( only who played the game know what iam talking about ) and only used %60 from the cell power.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli keep ur bullsh!t for your self and iam not buying ur game :D

Montreafart3428d ago

That...or they are smoking PR BS trying not to offend the xbot community, scared that their game wont sell on the xbox.

Ischan3428d ago

Until their PS3 engine is really optimized for PS3, better for him to keep it for himself for now.
By optimized, perhaps he should do comparison study, perhaps with ND, GG or imsomniac.

Szarky3428d ago

wish they would release the first crysis on the ps3 so we could get an idea of the story.

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