PlayStation Store Design Revised with Comparison

XTREME PS3 writes:

"While everyone was busy watching the Sony Press Conference last night, the PlayStation Store for Europe and North America recieved some changes to the layout. Most of the changes appear to be cosmetic [see comparison image at source], but we have noticed better loading times and even a new sound when scrolling through products. We've drawn up a simple comparison between the old store layout and the new one to highlight the main changes."

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Forrest Gump3428d ago

Looking sleeker and much more polished.

himdeel3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

...portion of PSN is too bright on certain screens. I cannot read the titles and can only see the pictures for the video on the left. It was blinding at times.

Otherwise it's very slick and I like the little sound prompt when you move the cursor now it wasn't as pronounced before or maybe I always had the sound down when browsing PSN...oh well.

ExcelKnight3428d ago

I agree. I had problems with their E3 page, of all places. A white background and white text didn't blend too well, though I'm sure Sony will iron this out soon enough. (just switch the text to black and all is well)

Elimin83428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

That pissed me off some.. It's like they don't take it into consideration when making improvements. 1, the text are almost impossible to read on the video bkground, another example the clock and the battery info are overlaid on the XMB and 2 to top it off they did not give you the option to change text color for certain backgrounds which they themselves supply. Not to rant or complain or anything but they should take all that into consideration when doing updates so they won't take forever to go back in and give you what should have been done/fixed in the first place..... overall I love the new look.

whoelse3428d ago

It does look very nice. An unexpected improvement.

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Godmars2903428d ago

Now if they could only do something about DL speeds.

Szarky3428d ago

download speeds are fine, must be your connection.

I have 10mb d/l and u/l, i never have any problems.

XGRaViSmOrSX3428d ago

seems w/ some people its hit or miss.

i usually dont have slow download speeds unless the server(s) are being raped.

SL1M DADDY3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Must be your connection. I have 16 mb down and 5 up and have no issues whatsoever.

imabeast483428d ago

most people dont have good download speeds. and part of it is sonys fault. have you seen how fast 360 downloads are?

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taco_tom2373428d ago

i like how they added the sounds when u click something

Fulensenca3428d ago

and it seems a little faster too ( I think now is really fine )

OGharryjoysticks3428d ago

in the video section there's FREE episodes of Voltron and Dexter

himdeel3428d ago

...I must dl them when I get home.

iHEARTboobs3428d ago

What?! Free Dexter?? Need to check that out, thanks man.

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