Joystiq: God of War III Hands-On

God of War III is the talk of many here at E3. Why wouldn't it? The solid graphics, the over-the-top gore, the visceral gameplay make God of War III one of the most polished and fun games available at the show floor. Yet in spite of its successes, one can't help but think it feels a little too familiar. Perhaps, in many ways, God of War III is playing it a bit too safe, resting on the laurels of its predecessors.

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Darkeyes3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

That video of demo made me piss in my pants.... Good to see Kratos back at his bloodiest best. Just the gore in the game runs chills down your spine.

The game is also looking good. Just see the way blood splatter on Kratos and remains after he kills. The character look well modeled... This was the definitive highlight of E3. Man March 2010 can't come early.

GWAVE3428d ago

The videos are nothing short of epic. Bloody, action-packed, and gorgeous to look at.

arika3428d ago

while i was watching the ign coverage of e3 and when they announced god of war 3, i applauded and cheered and my eyes were stuck on the screen. everything was amazing from the gameplay the epicness of the story and especially the graphics w/ unrivaled ferocity of kratos was absolutely unreal. this is one of my most anticipated along side uncharted2, heavy rain, wkc and ratchet and clank. this year and early next year is going to be an awesome year for gamers.

thornh3428d ago

Epic stuff. Naughty Dog still has the edge though. Has anyone seen the E3 trailer for Uncharted 2?!