Lost Planet on PS3: The 1st Interview

PlaystationBlog writes:
You might not have caught this juicy tidbit among the many announcements at yesterday's PlayStation E3 Press Conference, but Capcom's Lost Planet 2 is confirmed to be hitting the PLAYSTATION 3. From what I've seen of the game thus far, this is a very good thing. Capcom's Frank Filice tells us more:

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GWAVE3423d ago

Nice interview. It's interesting how Lost Planet 2 also hitting the PS3 was such as "hush hush" thing with Capcom for the last couple of months.

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Blaze9293423d ago

Just look at Sony fanboys before/after the Kojima game was revealed. Same will happen here only with Microsoft fanboys.

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Venomish3423d ago

I'm not interested in this game but now that it is also on PS3, xbox fanboys will stop hyping it.
btw, am I the only one who wants Rising more than Peace Walker? I'll definitely get both of them (and maybe PW on my PSP GO? :D)
I really want a game staring Raiden in MGS4, hope it turns out great even if kojima is not the one directing it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3423d ago

No really, I really loved the first one despite what others think and the more I see of it the more I want it! As a multi-platform, this games looks like one of the best.

I'm just happy both consoles get it same day and date. This means I can buy one version of the game and feel good about that another added content version isn't coming. I also get to choose my platform of choice, not forced!

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SL1M DADDY3423d ago

Considering that you are on your third iteration of the "king dong" user name, I think it safe to say your opinion is strictly inflammatory and that all you say is worthless. Have a nice day.

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Syronicus3423d ago

I know there were rumors but man, this sure makes for a great addition to the PS3 line up of games coming this fall.

Blaze9293423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Rising is still being made by members of the Kojima team. And it is still a kojima game. Kojima's teaser site said next Kojima game, the countdown ended to it being MGS Rising. Whether Hideo himself is involved or not, its still a game from Kojima productions, it isn't a one man team thus still making it a Kojima game.

kaelix3423d ago

The Kojima team that was worked on mgs4 is also working on PW with Kojima

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Forrest Gump3423d ago

Hated the 'tightness' of the controls in LP1 but if they can improve upon them then I'll buy this on Ps3 :D

Godmars2903423d ago

Can we stop caring about this game now?

Blaze9293423d ago

Again, I see what you did there. Your funny lol..

andron3423d ago

But I really hope LP2 improves upon it. The first game was a bit short and the final boss was hopelessly annoying.

If LP2 is a vast improvement I'm interested. But this looks to be more coop and mp focused, so it's probably a bit different...

Swiftfox3423d ago

I do hope they flush out this game and give it a more unique and more full experience as the first one for me lacked substance.

I'm also curious as to the use/collection of the substance needed to stay alive in the first game. The reason for your declining health was the cold. There's no cold, as the gentleman said, so why is it still seem to be a part of the design.

Also he mentioned a fix to the Mech suits in the game "back and better than ever" In the origanal it was like driving a tanker with your feet. I hope they pick up the speed and response time of the mech suits to help the player feel more "Enhanced".

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