Microsoft game executive talks about origins and depth of Project Natal technology

VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Shane Kim about the details behind Natal, including its multiplayer and multi-voice technology

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FragMnTagM3518d ago

He did seem to dodge a few question's toward the end like Sony doing Facebook integration.

green3518d ago

Natal can recognize different faces, impressive.Anyway I wish someone can ask them this question.Can a game be made to utilize both a controller and Natal at the same time?If it can then Natal is the s*it, if not then count me out.

Xi3518d ago

First and foremost, the eyetoy is nothing, NOTHING, like natal. Eyetoy uses 3 cameras to attempt to find distance using perspective.

What natal does is send out an infared light, then records the time it takes for the light to reflect back to the camera, providing a realitme understand of the world. What this means is that the camera is sensative enough to track the movements of your finger.

What type of application would it have in hardcore games? lets make an FPS

Turning can be done by slightly moving your head in one direction or the other. Firing can be done by pulling a trigger with an imaginary weapon, aiming can be tracked by the placements of your hands holding said imaginary weapon. Movement can be tracked by the position of your feet, couching by body position. ETC.

Natal also works in low light, as shown in the e3 press conference, which hampers other cameras significantly.