PS3 Week Two Sales Drop "Meaningless"

UK stats merchant Chart-Track told Next-Gen that it's "meaningless" to draw conclusions about PlayStation 3's performance based on an inevitable sales drop in the console's second week on sale.

Chart-Track were the company who originally announced the 82 percent drop.

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Ps30074274d ago

360 users just need to go away. Not only do they spam stories that are completely pointless they actually believe it..

Pretty sad...

FeralPhoenix4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

in the sense that you can't make judgements this early about its longterm success....but it does mean exactly what the numbers suggest, which is that the demand reduced sharply from week 1 to week 2, but thats not surprising considering they had plenty of supply and "most" hardcore fans buy their system when it I and many other sane people have always said, we will have a better idea of the true demand(higher or lower than its competitors) over the next few months, 6 months, and definitely by the begining of next year.....the question is does it really matter "IF" you are happy with your purchase?

[Edit]vvvvv No PS3fan thats NOT why it went down, IF they were sold out of PS3's at the moment you could use that arguement, but as of right now that isn't a logical statement when you consider they still have PS3's available.

Marty83704274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

It's only gone down cos there is 82% less stock to sell, as it got sold in first 2 days. Yet another PS3 article thats been blown out of proportion as usual.

[Edit] - Retailers might have stock left, basically cos more was shipped to retail at launch. Still if you count the fact that both X360 & Wii sold less units at launch, and then they were out of stock for weeks after. This is'nt as bad as everone makes out. As long as PS3 sells out in the next few weeks. PS3 will be selling just fine. Sony has a great supple chain all they need do then is keep retails restocked with PS3. Something Nintendo can't do.

BubblesDAVERAGE4274d ago

People are only doing this because its sony..FUD...MS is doing this I promise the comparsions to the wii..HAS anyone ever seen the wii sales vs the 360...I havent seen one story on that...FUD and MS

bigmack4274d ago

what are they thinking....

Neutral Gamer4274d ago

Chart-Track themselves have said that this whole furore over the 82 percent drop is meaningless and if anyone does they should know a thing or two about trends and statistics on software and hardware sales.

Now let the data come in over the next few months so that we can form a more accurate picture of the market.

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The story is too old to be commented.